7 Best Battery For Harley Davidson in 2021

Perhaps no other American motorcycle manufacturer even comes close to the Harley Davidson. This brand is indeed strong, reliable, and very stable. It has particularly gained fame in the rough and unforgiving terrains due to its ability to exude maximum power. It can only achieve this feat if the right battery for Harley Davidson is employed to power it.

These batteries form our review and discussions below. We have sampled seven of the top batteries of this kind and are going to discuss them in details below. We are also going to look into the factors you have to consider while searching for the best battery for Harley Davidson.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Batteries for Harley Davidson

1.ThrottleX Batteries HDX20L BatteryTHROTTLEX
4.MX30L Motorcycle BatteryTHROTTLEX
5.ACDelco ATX14LBS BatteryACDelco
6.Mighty Max Battery YTX20 BS12Mighty Max Battery
7.Big Crank ETX14L BatteryBig Crank

7 Best Batteries For Harley Davidson Reviewed

1. ThrottleX Batteries HDX20L

For your maximum convenience, you undoubtedly require a battery that is as compatible with the other Harley Davidson equipment, more so the motorcycles. Look no further than this particular set of batteries. It is manufactured in the same facility as those of the original Harley Davidson motorbikes. As such, it is pretty compatible and convenient to utilize.

ThrottleX Batteries HDX20L Battery
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Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology – The battery is made of the powerful Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology. This technology basically comprises highly porous microfiber separators. These absorb and trap the acid that constitutes the battery. This way, it prevents any leaks or spills even when the battery is shaken violently. It thus guarantees your safety on the whole.

Heat Sealed Cover – It is also pretty effective in warding off heat. This is made possible by the existence of the heat-sealed cover. This arrangement means that you may use the battery even in the hottest regions possible. You will hardly sustain any accidents, explosions, or other dangers that arise from excess heat.

Patented Solid Lead Female Threaded Terminals – Its terminals feature the patented solid lead materials. They are also highly threaded. This construction sees to it that it performs optimally under all circumstances. It also sees to it that the electrical energy discharged is great and reliable at all times. This guarantees an awesome performance.

  • Backed by a generous 30-day money back guarantee
  • Comes along with 18-month free replacement warranty
  • Includes brand new stainless steel bolts
  • You will just buy and ride; no need for installation
  • Fits all Harley motorcycles perfectly
  • Limited compatibility
  • Quite bulky to carry around with ease
  • Serves motorcycles only

Summary: Get the guesswork out of your usage of the batteries by settling for this highly compatible set of Harley Davidson battery. You will also minimize unnecessary distortions and other inconveniences that arise out of incompatible parts.


Are you searching for a battery that you may use in a wide range of appliances and facilities? This is the battery to look up to. It can fit in a vast variety of applications. These include the motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs, and indeed, more besides. By acquiring this battery, you will be sure to reap the benefit of higher value for money.

Pirate Battery YTX20HL BS
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Top Technology – Topping the list of the key features of this battery is the top technology. This basically comes in the form of an acid that is complemented with Absorbed Glass Mat technology. This technology calls for limited maintenance as well as spill-proof performance. It also makes the battery work optimally under just about every other circumstance of use.

Patented Sealed Post – The patented sealed post comes in next. It basically encloses the contents of the battery so tightly as to minimize spillage. The post also prevents the corrosion of the internal components of the battery. This kind of arrangement extends the life of the battery considerably. This also brings about the benefit of maximum peace of mind to you.

Heavy Duty Terminals – Lastly, the battery also has heavy-duty terminals. These terminals, apart from being tough and durable, are manufactured using the finest materials. They are thus well able to withstand pressure, terrible wears, and extreme torque. In light of this, they also call for limited repairs and maintenance on your part.

  • Guaranteed by an 18-month warranty
  • Governed by a reliable 60-day refund policy
  • Quite resistant to shocks
  • Does not vibrate unnecessarily
  • Dissipates heat reliably
  • Comprises corrosive acid that is potentially harmful
  • Depletes charge at a comparatively faster rate
  • Not so safe to handle and carry around

Summary: If you have several appliances and items in mind, why don’t you get hold of this battery once and for all? Its comprehensive nature will guarantee you the convenience to use it across all these applications and thus bring about higher returns to investments.

3. Renegade Battery RG30L WS

Rough terrains are generally unforgiving. They require awesome power to tackle not to mention the higher skill and endurance limits. Only a specially designed battery of this kind may exude the require power to handle such a condition. It is also strong enough to endure the strongest impacts and violent shakings.

Renegade Battery RG30L WS
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Impact-resistant Case and Cover – Adorning the exterior portion of the battery is the impact-resistant cover. This cover is strong and very resilient to vibrations, shakings, and other forms of deterioration. This strong cover also means that you will spend less to repair and maintain the battery throughout its use. This brings about limited costs on your part.

Extra Cranking Power – Compared to other batteries of its kind, this battery exudes extra cranking power. It has strong acids and electrolytes that generate higher volumes of electrical charges. This extra power enables you to accomplish feats that are unimaginable by other batteries of its kind. It is this trait that allows you to perform the rigorous chores stated above.

OEM Battery Compatible – The battery is also compatible with the standards of the original equipment manufacturer. This guarantees maximum compatibility and minimizes the possibilities of inconsistencies arising. This again has the attendant benefit of slowing down any possible breakdowns and injuries that such breakdowns may inflict. This translates to more reliable outcomes and experience as a whole.

  • Lasts longer than most batteries of its kind
  • Performs optimally even under extreme weather conditions
  • Features the durable AGM construction
  • Does not leak unnecessarily
  • Slows down the pace of corrosion
  • Does not fit the Harley Davidson Softail
  • Weighs a whopping 23 pounds (10 kg)
  • Moderately expensive to possess and afford

Summary: Let your next rough terrain be an awesome experience. Place your bet on no other battery apart from this one. It indeed has the formulation and construction necessary to do a relatively good job. And you will also enjoy its reliability in times of violent shakings.

4. MX30L Motorcycle Battery

Do you just like to enjoy your rides every now and then? If you answered in the affirmative, this is the battery to look up to. It is primarily designed for the riding enthusiast. This stems from its ability to deliver awesome power, fit various riding conditions, and resist damages alongside other agents of deterioration.

MX30L Motorcycle Battery
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Reliable Top and Side Terminals – Both the top and the side terminals of this battery are reliable. This is because they confer highly versatile and increased strength to you the rider. For instance, they will hardly break down or generate less charge than is ordinarily expected from them. This results in greater value for money and ultimate convenience on your part.

Premium Absorbed Glass Mat – Coming in next is the factory-activated premium absorbed glass mat construction. This construction is completely resistant to any spills or leaks. This feature makes the battery perform well even in the harshest of circumstances imaginable. It also spares the contents of the motorbike from excessive spillages and soiling.

Added Vibration Resistance – Lastly, you will get to reap the added benefit of enhanced vibration resistance. The battery is housed in a very powerful and durable casing. The casing is strong enough to withstand the harshest shakings and other forms of impacts. In light of this, you will be certain that the battery will not spill contents unnecessarily or predispose you to acid burns.

  • Discharges electrical energy at a comparatively slower rate
  • Provides higher cranking amperes
  • Withstands vibrations and shakes much more effectively
  • Resists tears and other agents of deterioration
  • Simpler to install and uninstall
  • A bit cumbersome to move around
  • Imposes extra drag during transportation
  • Potentially harmful to your skin and body

Summary: Grab this battery right away and make your rides awesome and enthusiastic. The battery indeed fits the task of regular rides much better than no other one. This is not to mention also that it produces awesome power.

5. ACDelco ATX14LBS Battery

Exceptional applications such as police chases, search-and-rescue missions, and races require extra power. Only a good battery of this kind may deliver the required levels of reliability. It discharges higher levels of electrical charge and is also strong enough to withstand the harshest impacts. This makes it suited for the roughest chores imaginable.

ACDelco ATX14LBS Battery
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The ACDelco Advantage – The ACDelco Advantage tops the list of the awesome features and benefits that this battery may have to offer. Its parts, various components, features, and specifications are all modeled around this technology or advantage. They are strong, highly versatile, durable, and likely to exude awesome performance whenever they are called for.

Absorbed Glass Mat Design – Just like most other Harley Davidson batteries, this one also features the absorbed glass mat design. By reason of this design and construction, the battery is strong and reliable. It does not at all spill off contents and also reduces the loss of water considerably. It thus guarantees your safety at all times of use.

Convenient Acid Bottle – The acid of the battery is enclosed in a convenient acid bottle. This bottle has a see-through monitoring unit. This allows you to keep accurate track of the acid levels at any given time. This way, you will not confront the possibility of over-filling it with acid and the attendant side effects of doing so.

  • Costs negligible amounts of money to maintain
  • Requires no extra liquid after the battery has been sealed
  • Confers a longer shelf life than most other batteries
  • Provides both higher quality and greater value
  • Meets and exceeds the expectations of function, form, and fit
  • Requires other factors to operate optimally
  • Has to be furnished with an initial charge moments before installation
  • Can cause cancer and other defects

Summary: You have no other better friend and companion for those demanding chores than this particular battery. As you may well have noted, this battery has the construction and features necessary to handle such circumstances with the needed degrees of satisfaction.

6. Mighty Max Battery YTX20 BS12

To minimize the unnecessary wastage of time while on the go, you require a battery that is basically ready to go! This is that kind of battery. It comes fully constructed, completely charged, appropriately sealed, and ready to go. Moreover, it does not require any formal installations before use. You will thus find it easier to change while on the move.

Mighty Max Battery YTX20 BS12
Our Top Pick

Premium Quality Construction – All the materials that are used to make up the battery are higher in quality. The most outstanding technology in vogue here is the absorbed glass mat technology. This premium construction is what makes the battery well able to power the heavy vehicles mentioned above. It also assures long-term reliability.

SLA/AGM Spill-proof Technology – The battery also does not spill its contents unnecessarily. This is courtesy of the SLA and the AGM spill-proof technologies. Closely related to this is the fact that the battery discharges the energy much faster than would ordinarily be the case. This again comes in handy while tackling rough terrains or performing complex maneuvers.

Multi-position Mounting – Perhaps setting this battery apart from the others is the fact that you may mount it in just about any other position. It has numerous terminals dotting its sides. This means that you do not have to possess a specific motorbike to utilize it. Instead, you just have to buy it and have your problem completely sorted out.

  • Comes along with a 30-day refund policy
  • Backed by a generous full 1-year warranty
  • Accommodates wide operating temperatures
  • Relatively cheaper to afford than most similar batteries
  • Can be mounted in just about any position
  • Comes incomplete and not so ready for use
  • Too simple a construction
  • Inconvenient to handle

Summary: Save yourself a bit of time and effort by choosing this battery. It is easier to change and install as it comes ready for use and application. In light of this, you will take a comparatively shorter time and less effort to do the job.

7. Big Crank ETX14L Battery

UTVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and watercraft are generally too bulky to steer. They subsequently require heavy power to move around. This calls for a battery that is equally more powerful and reliable. This is the role that this specific battery is intended to meet. It has the features and specifications necessary for these roles to be achieved well.

Big Crank ETX14L Battery
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Spill-proof and Leak-proof Design – On the whole, the battery features the spill-proof and leak-proof designs. These two designs are generally intended to prevent the battery from spilling the internal contents outside. It, therefore, plays a crucial role in shielding you from the effects of acid burns and other dangers that come along with exposure to the acid.

Versatile Terminals – Its terminals are highly versatile. They are able to discharge a range of tasks and purposes at a time. This stems from their maximum strength and awesome durability. This brings about maximum convenience on your part as well as a higher value for money. It also expedites your use of the battery as a whole.

Awesome Crank Power Output – In all, the battery exudes higher crank power output. This manifests in higher torque and the ability to tackle rough terrains with ease. Moreover, the battery is also tested to guarantee rigor and robust performance at all times. For this reason, you may count on the battery not to let you down while handling rough paths.

  • Comes fully assembled and ready for use
  • Very friendly to the environment due to possessing recyclable materials
  • Offers the most advanced power and value
  • You will not have to replace it every quite often
  • Calls for lower level maintenance
  • Not for rough chores
  • Lasts a shorter duration of time
  • Cannot handle heavier loads

Summary: This battery is indeed the best option for your heavy commercial automobiles. You will find it particularly awesome for the kinds of heavy vehicles mentioned above. You definitely have to give it a topmost priority in your search for the right batteries.

Things to Consider when Buying a Battery for Harley Davidson

Power Output Rating – How much power can the battery possibly exude at a time? You should answer this question with regards to the nature of the task you have in mind. In case you intend to ply the rough terrains, you might want to acquire a set of batteries that have a higher power output. The opposite applies for less demanding tasks.

Type of Battery – Batteries come in different shapes and forms. The top examples of these types are the acid, alkaline, cadmium, and lithium ion, among others. The lithium ion, though expensive, is by far the most reliable of all the batteries in vogue today. The acid batteries are cheaper, granted. However, they are potentially harmful. You should, therefore, make the most appropriate consideration possible.

Compatibility – Needless to say, the battery you eventually settle for has to fit as nearly to the motorcycle you have in mind. To ensure this compatibility, you have to ascertain the dimensions of the battery chamber. You then have to look out for the battery that has those same dimensions. This is to prevent it from falling off or getting violently shaken when tackling rough terrains.

Installation and Maintenance Requirements – Some batteries require minimal installations before use. Some, however, come ready for use. You do not have to install them at all. The latter is better especially if you lack the relevant skills and technical expertise to carry out the installation process. Do give them a higher priority in your search for the right battery.

Warranty – Given the highly dangerous nature of batteries, a good battery inevitably has to be backed by a generous warranty. This is to take care of the potential losses, damages, and other issues that do arise from their use from time to time. A good warranty must of necessity also incorporate some entitlement for a refund.

Customer Service and After-sales – Lastly, the best batteries have to be backed by robust and reliable customer service as well as the relevant after-sale services. These two issues are necessary to take care of the dangers and inconsistencies that may often arise while installing the batteries.

The Final Words (Summary)

There you have them! The best battery for Harley Davidson we have reviewed above is indeed great and handy for your usage. We have also furnished you with the tips you have to adhere to while searching for the best battery. We are now pretty confident that you have obtained the right guidance and are now good to go!

Why don’t you now go ahead and look for the most suitable one from the choices we have availed above? You also want others to enjoy similar advantages. This is why we urge you to consider sharing this information far and wide.

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