8 Best Ceramic Coatings for Cars in 2021

Technology has widely advanced leading to the development of ceramic car coatings. Are you tired of having to always take your car to the garage for frequent cleaning and paintwork? Do you want to keep your car paint intact and flawless for more extended periods? You no longer have to worry about scratches, stains, spotting, or the fading of your vehicle’s factory paint with ceramic car coatings.

Although expensive, the coating ensures you get your money’s full worth by bonding with your car paint for advanced protection. With a hydrophobic property, it enhances your gloss shine, protects your paint from UV oxidation, prevents chemical etches and stains, ensures effortless cleaning, prevents scratches and stains from bird droppings, and protects your car from iron powder contamination. To help you make a purchase decision, let’s review and highlight seven of the best ceramic coatings for cars and the factors to consider when choosing the right one for you, as discussed below.

A Quick Look at the Best Car Ceramic Coating

1.(Best Ceramic Coatings For Cars) Armor Shield IX DIY KitArmor Shield IX
2.Color N Drive Car Ceramic CoatingColor N Drive
3.CarGuys Hybrid WaxCarGuys
4.Migliore Strata CoatingMigliore
6.Ethos Handcrafted Ceramic CoatingEthos Handcrafted Car Care
7.Adam's Ceramic Paint CoatingAdam's Polishes
8.The Nano Bond Ceramic CoatingNano Bond

8 Best Ceramic Coatings For Cars Reviewed

1. Armor Shield IX DIY Kit

Looking to enhance the appearance of your automobile or other painted surfaces? You have to coat them using some transparent coating material. We invite you to try out this highly-durable transparent coat.

Indeed, Armor Shield IX does a great job of locking out UV radiation, sunshine, weather erosion, acid rain, graffiti, scratches bird dropping, and tree gum. This it does while leaving behind some sparkling appearances. This Armor shield ix DIY kit review endeavors to shed more light on it.

Armor Shield IX DIY Kit
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Complete Ceramic Coating DIY Kit – This kit is complete in nature. This is to means that it contains all the gears which may be needed to attain a given outcome. By purchasing this kit, you do not have to spend too much an amount of money to gather all the various gears necessary for a good job to be done.

Durable Impacts – Generally speaking, this coating leaves behind some durable impacts. As a matter of fact, it leaves your paint and coating staying fresh for up to 10 times longer. What’s more? It requires less effort on your part to accrue this benefit. That is why you have to prioritize it in your car care efforts.

Easy DIY Application – As hinted above, the application of this coating does not require too much effort on your part. This is evidenced by the fact that it is liquid in nature. At the same time, it dries faster to ensure that the outcomes are felt within the shortest realistic time possible.

Transparent Coating – Lastly, the coating is transparent. It does not alter the appearance of your surface’s paint at all. Instead, it leaves the surfaces untampered with in whichever shape or form. This means you do not have to compromise the quality or appearances of your surfaces while enjoying the associated benefits.

  • Simpler to apply
  • Brings about long-lasting impacts
  • Requires no prior expertise to engage
  • Repels dirt, mud, water, and rain
  • Shields your coating from adverse external impacts
  • Has some pungent-choking smell
  • May inflict lung damages when exposed for longer
  • Relatively costly to afford

Summary: Wow! Why don’t you now try the ceramic coating kit? You can and will never go wrong at all with it! It is easy to apply and long lasting.

2. Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating

A 50 ml car coating, in a do it yourself Nano-biotic kit with straightforward, practical steps that require no professional expertise.

Long-lasting – CND has a 9H hardness that provides your car with unsurpassed durability which makes it last up to 5 years depending on the climate and cleaning method. The hydrophobicity of the coating also helps enhance endurance as it is water repellent thus making it difficult for dirt and grime to stick on the surface, this improves the longevity of your sheet.

(Best Ceramic Coatings For Cars) Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating
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The ultra-phobic property helps protect your car from staining and spotting thus ensuring your coat lasts before it requires reapplication. The layer can last for up to 100 or 150 washes. Both the 9H hardness and hydrophobicity properties provide your paint with durability and protection against scratches, stone chips, iron contamination, oxidation, chemical etching, water spots, dust, dirt, acid rain, and bird droppings thus giving it a flawless look at all times.

3D gloss finish – You can expect maximum results with an excellent and stunning finish that does not fade quickly. It provides an in-depth, impressive, mirror-like gloss finish that is resistant to scratches.

Lotus self-cleaning effect – CND mimics the lotus flower with its self-cleaning properties. Drops of water bead and roll off your car due to the water-repellent surface of the paint coating making it difficult for dust and dirt to stick on the surface hence blows and washes off easily. The Nano-materials make it easy to clean the surface without abrasion and with less effort.

Easy application method – The packaging includes a convenient sponge for easy spreading and has simple steps that make application quick, relaxed, and hassle-free. During use, it is effortless to correct details and mistakes thus producing a flawless finish that makes it look good all the time.

  • It lasts long, usually up to 5 years, before you require reapplication
  • It saves on application cost as it is easy to apply and use
  • It lessens the frequency of maintenance required
  • You can apply it on multiple surfaces; on wheels, headlights, and trims among others
  • You do not require waxing after application
  • The preparation is time-consuming and challenging; you require 5 to 8 hours
  • It can harm your decals and stripes

Summary: Get your CND today for carefree rides, without worrying about scratches or weather elements, due to its advanced paint protection, durability, and its stunning glossy finish.

3. CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant

A 1.45 pounds wax, polish, and sealant all in one that provides you with a deep shine slick surface.

Advanced streak-free formula – The coating leaves no streaks on the surface when wiping off excess paint with the applicator. You don’t have to worry about leaving residues behind while buffing out and thus making it safe to apply on other surfaces as well.

CarGuys Hybrid Wax
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Easy to use – To apply, clean and dry your vehicle in preparation. Spray and wipe off excess with the included microfiber cloth, then buff it out. The whole process takes up to 15 minutes to apply.

Multipurpose – It is multifunctional as you can use it on several surfaces. You can apply it in the interior and exterior décor of your car; wheels, dashboard, bumper, or headlights, and even house.

Brilliant high gloss shine – With the combination of synthetic Nano-molecular ingredients, the Brazilian carnauba wax, and liquid coating, it returns a stunning deep glossy shine and reflection to your car that is sure to produce instant head-turning results and jealous stares on the road.

Durable and long-lasting – It keeps your paint intact and in pristine condition for up to 6 months with no need for detailing and reapplication, depending on your washing regiment. The color has added protection and long-lasting shine due to the combination of the Brazilian carnauba and liquid car polish. The advanced paint protection barrier prevents water spots, scratches, stone chips, and staining from iron contamination and bird droppings.

Ultra-phobic properties – The polymer additives enhance the hydrophobicity of the coating. The water-repellent layer protects the paint from water spots and smudging as water sheets and rolls off the surface. Mud and dirt find it difficult to adhere on the smooth surface making cleaning effortless and timely.

  • It is water repellent
  • It is not color specific and can work on all colors
  • It has a high, lasting, deep shine
  • It has eco-friendly ingredients
  • It is multipurpose and with multiple surfaces; both interior and exterior, on which to apply
  • On old paint, you will need to polish before applying
  • It is expensive

Summary: With this all in one coating, you can expect maximum results with every use. Hurry while stocks last!

4. Migliore Strata Coating

A 2.4 ounces coating that keeps your car cleaner for more extended periods due to its glossy layer of ceramic particles.

Simple application method – The coating is easy and quick to apply as no expertise is needed. It is user-friendly and does not require a lot of effort to use. The packaging usually includes an applicator; therefore, you’ll not need extra time to make additional purchases. All you need to do is clean and paint correct your car then start applying the product in a crosshatch pattern that ensures even application, wipe out excess and let it cure for seven hours.

Migliore Strata Coating
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Impressive, deep shine – It has a hard ceramic and smooth surface; that resists streaking and swirling, and staining from chemical etches and bird poop, thus enhancing the deep glossy finish worthy of a show car. The strata coating provides your vehicle with a stunning deep shine that earns you a lot of longing stares when illuminated by the sun.

All year round protection – It forms a robust ceramic layer that lasts for up to 12 months before needing reapplication. It protects the paint from airborne pollutants and UV oxidation which dulls and fades color. You won’t need to detail your car for the whole year as it is stable at high temperatures giving your vehicle paint a luxurious shine.

Easy to clean – Dirt and grime find it difficult to stick on the smooth surface of your car keeping it clean for more extended periods. No abrasion is required when cleaning due to its glossy and hydrophobic layer that the coating forms with paint substrates thus protecting it from marring and scratching. The dust and dirt are easy to wash off, therefore, saving on cleaning time and effort.

  • The application saves on time in comparison to most ceramics as it takes around 8 hours to complete
  • It is easy and effortless to apply as no expertise is required
  • It can last up to 12 months without needing reapplication
  • It keeps the car clean for more extended periods
  • It requires little maintenance as it is pretty easy to clean
  • It is expensive
  • It produces streaks on the surface when over-applied

Summary: Enjoy an all year round advanced paint protection for your car with minimal maintenance required. No scrubbing, no frequent reapplication!

5. Nasiol ZR53 Car Ceramic Coating

A 50 ml, 1.76 ounces glossy coating that only crystallizes at Nano-level and has multiple application options on many surfaces.

Advanced paint protection – It forms a flexible multilayer with a hard top surface that protects the paint from scratches, fading, bird droppings, acid rain, and airborne pollutants.

NASIOL ZR53 Car Ceramic Coating
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Long-lasting and durable – It has a 9H hardness forming a thick hard all-year-round protective layer over your car paint that repels water thus preventing spotting to enhance its durability. Only one coat needed to develop two layers; at the top, there is a hard layer that offers maximum resistance to weather elements and an inner side with a soft coating that provides superior elasticity preventing the car from bending in high heat conditions.

Easy to clean – It requires minimal effort when cleaning due to its water and dirt repellent property. The formation of bonds between water or dirt and paint substrates is restricted by the coating, preventing spotting and staining. Mud and water require little effort and time to clean as they easily slide off the surface. Your car remains clean and shiny for long in between regular washes thus saving on cleaning costs.

Slick and smooth surface – The coating has an ultrahigh gloss finish which stays shiny and clean for long in between regular washes. It has a tolerance of up to pH 13 cleaning detergents without dulling.

Easy to apply – The packaging includes applicators and a multilingual application manual with simple application steps that will require no prior knowledge or expertise. Prepare the surface; by ridding it of any contaminants; spread the coating over the paint, wipe out excess, buff and leave it to cure under a shade.

  • It maintains its glossy finish for longer due to its tolerance of up to pH 13 detergents
  • It has perfect oil and water repellency
  • Only one coat is required thus saving on the time needed for an application
  • It provides a smooth and slick surface
  • You can apply it on multiple surfaces; on piano blacks, bumper and headlights among others
  • It has a short shelf life after opening, usually one week
  • The curing time is time-consuming, usually up to 48 hours

Summary: Nasiol takes longer to cure but is worth the wait with its two-layer system that provides maximum protection and prevents the car from bending due to its superior elasticity.

6. Ethos Handcrafted Ceramic Coating

An ultra-hydrophobic, semi-permanent coating, 3” by 3” by 8.5”, 1.2 pounds, that offers maximum protection against water spots.

High shine and profound clarity – With a 30% silica infusion, space-age polymers and a pure grade of carnauba wax infusion, the coating provide your car with an excellent shine, profound clarity, and a stunning mirror-like reflection with an ultra-slick feel.

Ethos Handcrafted Ceramic Coating
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Easy application steps – When using your hand or a machine, no expertise is required to apply the coating as the packaging includes clear instructions which are easy to follow after preparation. It saves on the cost required to hire a professional. It is as easy as spraying to complete the entire detailing process.

Easy to clean – With the non-stick, water-repellent layer, your car is easy to maintain. Dirt and mud find it difficult to stick on thus easy to wash off making cleaning effortless and scratch-free thus saving on time. The smooth coating rinses clean, leaving no residues.

Advanced barrier protection over the paint – With the best hardness scale rating of 9H, the coating protects the paint against harsh environmental conditions, chemicals, dirt grime, and scratches.

Hydrophobic – It forms a super-hydrophobic layer. The Nano-coating attracts water droplets and dirt particles and repels the combination in a self-cleaning manner. Water sheets and rolls down the car when it’s raining; preventing the formation of water spots on the car paint. The layer repels water, stains, and dirt thus protecting it from stains and abrasions when cleaning.

  • It provides a high-quality clarity and shines on your vehicle
  • There are multiple surfaces on which you can apply; motorcycles, airplanes, and also trucks
  • It is easy to maintain
  • No expertise is required to apply
  • It provides barrier protection against oxidation, scratches and weather elements
  • On dull finishes, you have to polish before application
  • It requires expert experience and equipment to prepare for application

Summary: With its all year round protection, you are guaranteed to enjoy the full service of Ethos handcrafted ceramic coating with minimal cleaning. You can use mild detergents to clean as the layer does not dissolve nor wash off in shampoo.

7. Adam’s Ceramic Paint Coating

A 50 ml Nano-crystalline coating that can last you 2 or 3 more future applications when stored in a cool, dry place.

Advanced paint protection – The coating creates a semi-permanent bond with your car paint that offers a strong barrier that protects it against dirt, chemicals, bonded contaminants, UV, and weather elements. With the added protection and outstanding, flawless shine, you can hit the road with confidence and flair earning yourself instant stares and compliments as a result.

Adam's Ceramic Paint Coating
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Long-lasting – The ceramic coating has a 9H hardness rating on the hardness scale which provides a durable layer over the paint offering added protection for up to 2 years. Your car can last you up to 180 to 190 washes before needing reapplication.

Easy application method – The newly improved, user-friendly coating is easy to apply and requires little working time for optimal performance. The microfiber applicator is always included to make the process simpler.

High gloss shine – Attain that perfect finish with Adams paint coating that keeps your paintwork vibrant for more extended periods, without the urgency to detail, with the 2 to 3 microns thickness that protects that deep lustrous shine. Before applying, wash the paint, clay it and remove contaminants to ensure a deep and rich unbeatable lacquer shine.

Water and dirt resistant – It has hydrophobic silica protection that causes water drops to bead and roll off the surface after a rainstorm. Dirt, bird droppings and grime find it challenging to adhere to the surface and thus wash off easily resulting in minimal or no staining on the exterior when cleaned on time. The Nano-coating reduces the chances of scratching and swirling when washing and drying.

  • It has simple and clear instructions
  • Your car requires little effort in cleaning
  • It can be applied while dry or wet
  • It provides a deep lustrous shine to your car; earning you a fair share of jealous stares
  • During application, it is easy to correct and repair mistakes
  • It requires more care and professionalism to prepare for application and to remove
  • It is quite pricey

Summary: For that deep and rich shine, get your Adam’s ceramic paint coating today and revive your vehicle’s color at no extra cost with clear instructions in the packaging.

8. The Nano Bond Ceramic Coating

A 6.2” by 4” by 2.4”, 7 ounces car care kit that provides your vehicle with a resistance of up to 760° to heat.

Long-lasting – It can last up to 3 years without the need for reapplication. It has a 9H hardness scale rating, the best hardness rating, which renders it uniquely durable and protective. It protects your car paint from weather elements, mud, chemicals, and abrasions.

The Nano Bond Ceramic Coating
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High gloss shine – It provides an excellent detailed finish on your car that keeps it looking clean and shiny all the time for long. Apply it properly and correct painting mistakes to leave your car with a luxurious and outstanding deep and clear reflective paint finish.

Ultra-hydrophobic – It has high water repelling abilities. Nano-particles form covalent bonds with the paint substrates thus preventing water drops and dirt from sticking on the surface and causing stains and water spots thus easing cleaning efforts.

Effortless cleaning – It is easy to clean since you can wash off dirt grime as it doesn’t bond with the coating. You don’t have to worry if stuck in a rainstorm since water easily beads and rolls off the coat and mud is easily washed off keeping your car dry, neat and clean once the storm clears up.

Easy to apply – It requires no professional experience to apply on paint surface as the packaging includes simple application steps and applicators. To use, clean and paint correct you car to rid of any old paint and contaminants; apply and spread the color with the microfiber then remove excess paint and leave it to cure.

  • It has excellent hydrophobicity properties
  • With 9H hardness, it protects your car from scratches
  • During paint correction, its removal is not tacky
  • It provides your vehicle with an outstanding gloss and depth
  • It has excellent resistance to heat; of up to 760°
  • It is expensive
  • Old paint will require polishing before application for efficiency and effectiveness

Summary: Hit the road with a thick high gloss reflective finish that is sure to turn heads regardless of your car being new or old. Bring back that factory shine of your vehicle with this kit in easy steps at your garage without incurring any application costs.

Things to Consider when Buying Ceramic Coating for Car

The frequency and distance of driving – If you’re a regular driver who usually covers long distances, consider long-lasting coats for your vehicle to ensure you realize the full worth of your money.

The method of application – Depending on which way you prefer, some coatings require machines, while in others, you can choose to use your hand. Before each application, you are required to clean your car thoroughly to rid of any dirt which can reduce the efficiency of the coating to bond with the car paint.

Car coatings exist in different forms; spray, liquid or paste makes.

  • For a spray paint, you only need to spray, wipe off and buff with a microfiber cloth thus very easy to apply
  • For liquid coatings, they are a bit difficult to use, and some may require machines to apply
  • You can use your hand to administer a paste coat, to wipe and buff. It is usually easier to implement than a liquid ceramic

The type of finish – Basing on your preferences, you can either choose a glossy or a matte finish. If you’re a lover of shiny and flashy things, turn heads and make your neighbors’ jealous with a mirror-like glossy ceramic car coating.

Longevity – Durability is the primary concern before any purchase, whether for a ceramic layer or not. Compare the long-lasting effects of various coatings by asking the manufacturer for more details and then narrow down to one that suits you. One that lasts up to 5 years or more will attract you more than one that takes up to 6 months or less before reapplication, putting into consideration that all ceramic car coatings are pricey.

The weather conditions in your area – Weather conditions affect both the application process and the durability of the coating. Just as some coatings require shade or cold temperatures, a layer that needs heat to crystallize is unsuitable in cold and snow-prone areas.

Your cleaning habits – Are you a frequent cleaner? Or do you prefer to clean your car after 2 to 3 weeks? Choose your ceramic coating kit based on how long you take before cleaning your car.

The volume of product – Most consumers prefer products with enough capacity to apply twice or thrice on their vehicles. In that case, you can choose a product with 30ml or more.

The Final Words (Summary)

All your ceramic purchases made easier with these seven best car ceramic coating reviews. Would you like to keep your vehicle looking like new for years? Pick one that best suits you and revamps your classic car today without any hassle.

Ceramic coatings are expensive but worth it due to their durability and long-lasting shiny effects that make your car easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. Take care of your vehicle now and then to keep the layer in shape.

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