5 Best Electric Pressure Washer for Cars In 2021

Regular car cleaning is often an important aspect of car ownership since some people refer to their cars as second homes. This means that as a living space, your car should always be tidy and clean, thus not only adding to comfort but also the overall looks of the car. Cleaning can often be tedious and demanding when using the traditional sponge and bucket or taking your car to the nearby car wash.

Thus, for a more comfortable and convenient home cleaning, you should acquire an electric pressure washer to help regularly clean your car whenever you feel like it. Nonetheless, the many models in the market have made it challenging to find the best electric pressure washer. Thus, we have provided you with a sample list of some of the best of these devices with additional information on how to shop for one appropriately.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Electric Pressure Washer for Cars

1.(Best electric pressure washer for cars) Sun Joe SPX3000-SJBSun Joe
2.GreenWorks GPW1602GreenWorks
3.Karcher Electric Pressure WasherKarcher
4.(Top Rated electric pressure washer for cars) Stanley SHP2150 Pressure WasherStanley

5 Best Electric Pressure Washer for Cars Reviewed

1. Sun Joe SPX3000-SJB

This pressure washer delivers it all by cleaning not only your car but performing a number of other tasks, thus making it quite a valuable addition to your garage collection. It usually comes installed with several unique features that guarantee excellent performance leaving you with a thoroughly cleaned vehicle.

(Best electric pressure washer for cars) Sun Joe SPX3000-SJB
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Powerful Motor: This model of electric pressure washer usually comes with a very powerful motor that guarantees maximum cleaning power. For instance, the motor can push water and detergents at a maximum pressure of 2030 psi and the rate of 1.76 GPM. These not only make the machine effective but also makes it fast, thus further saving on time.

The Total Stop System (TSS): This is a unique feature installed in these machines, which automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged. Therefore, this saves on resources such as energy and materials used for cleaning like water/detergents. Nonetheless, this will also prolong the life of these machines.

Dual detergent tanks: This model of the electric pressure washer also comes with a dual detergent tank system for placing varying detergents. The tanks, usually measuring about 0.9 liters each and can often be removed for easy filling and provides for the possibility of tackling varying cleaning projects simultaneously without the need to stop and refill the detergent tank with another cleaner all the time.

Quick connect spray tips: These are usually five in total designed for the tackling of the various cleaning tasks. Therefore, they allow for spraying at 0, 15, 25, 40 degrees, and soap spraying, thus making the cleaning process straightforward and continuous.

Accessories: The package, when shipped, also often comes with several accessories such as the 34-inch extension wand, 20 feet high-pressure hose, 35 feet power cord, garden hose adapter, needle clean-out tool, among others. These enhance the efficiency of the pumps while also guaranteeing ready use after purchase.

  • Easy to use
  • Fairly priced
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Extra-large wheels for mobility
  • Versatile
  • Maintenance cost-efficient
  • Quite noisy during use
  • Lacks overall assembly manual

Summary: This electric pressure pump comes with plenty of features that facilitate maximum efficiency when cleaning. Despite these, it is also cheap and affordable to many potential buyers. Thus, it is highly recommended, and you should purchase for general home cleaning tasks.

2. GreenWorks GPW1602

This is another high ranking electric pressure washer worth considering since its brand is among those renowned globally. This is because its design usually incorporates a variety of features, making its operation smooth and efficient.

GreenWorks GPW1602
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Pressure levels: These machines usually come with a powerful motor capable of producing up to a maximum of 1600 PSI and operating at a speed of 1.2 GPM. These are quite powerful and can blast through a variety of tough stains for a resulting thoroughly clean final product.

Lightweight and with a handle: The electric pressure washer also comes with a handle system for easy carrying around. It further weights about 17.5 pounds, which is quite a lightweight in comparison to many other models in the market. These make mobility easy and straightforward. Thus, it can often be used anywhere in your compound.

Two nozzle tips: These machines also come with a 20 degree and 40-degree nozzle tips, which provide extensive applications. This further makes cleaning the different parts of your car or any other surface easy and efficient.

Accessories: This electric pressure cleaner model also comes with a variety of accessories packaged during shipping for more convenient operation. For instance, the 20 feet high-pressure hose and the 35 feet power cord all guarantee extensive reach during use. Thus allowing for free maneuvering in any space during cleaning.

  • Easy to use
  • Portable and mobile
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Versatile applicability
  • Emits less noise
  • Lightweight
  • Some users complained of leaks after use
  • Occasional shipment of broken or missing parts

Summary: Green Works usually never disappoints. This small and lightweight device usually packs a great deal of pressure to clean your car at a very low price. This makes it quite a convenient machine for your everyday use, and therefore you should purchase it.

3. Karcher Electric Pressure Washer

This is a premium quality product with premium features installed for an exceptional cleaning session. Therefore, the design and features in this model will guarantee satisfactory cleaning as thorough and as fast as possible.

Karcher Electric Pressure Washer
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Full control plus spray gun: This is a unique feature of this electric pressure washer model. The device often comes with an LCD display on the spray gun, which allows for checking the current pressure level and further enabling the adjustment of these pressure levels to a desired and more effective level. This makes the machine quite convenient and advanced.

3-in-1 multi-jet spray wand: This is another feature that makes the operation of the machine quite exceptional. It allows for the switching of the nozzles easily by twisting the spray wand to change from flat spray to rotary or detergent nozzle. This makes it time-efficient as you would not need to remove and insert a nozzle tip physically.

Pressure levels: The machine can also wash at a maximum pressure of about 2100 psi while ejecting the washing materials at 1.4 GPM. This is a quite high pressure and speed for the removal of various kinds of stains and dirt with much ease and comfort since the pressure is capable of dislodging them from the car surface.

Telescopic handle: This is another unique and vital feature from this model of an electric pressure washer. Thus, the carrying handle for easy mobility and increased portability is usually very retractable and extensible. Thus allowing for a convenient extension when in use and retraction for optimal storage and space conservation.

High-pressure hose and Integrated hose reel: These devices are also often packaged with a 25 feet high-pressure hose for extensive reach during use. For optimal storage and space consideration, the incorporated hose reel usually facilitates easy winding of the long hose for maximal storage convenience.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Adjustable pressure and nozzles
  • Portable and very mobile
  • Easy and convenient storage
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Very expensive
  • A little noisy machine

Summary: All the features of this electric pressure washer, when put together with the pros, make for quite an appealing and efficient piece of equipment. Thus, the features are worth the expensive price provided, and you should strive to add this to your home collection as it will guarantee maximum output performance.

4. Stanley SHP2150 Pressure Washer

Stanley is a popular brand, always producing high-quality products with exceptional features. For instance, the features in this electric pressure washer will guarantee maximal performance and a thoroughly clean car or any other surface washed.

Stanley SHP2150 Pressure Washer
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Foam cannon: This device usually comes with a foam cannon capable of blasting a thick layer of activating soap on to cars at quite high pressure. This loosens most of the dirt and deep-down stains leaving you with only the rinsing job. This is thus quite efficient and convenient by eliminating the need for constant scrubbing.

Powerful motor: The machine also comes with a universal motor capable of cleaning your car or any other surface at a maximum pressure of 2150 psi. It further ejects water at a speed of 1.4 GPM. These guarantees versatile application of the machine to cleaning various tough stains on different objects like cars and ARVs, among other things.

Favorable Warranty coverage: These electric pressure washer machines usually come with 2-year limited warranty coverage. This is to assure the customers of the high-quality nature of the products. Furthermore, this also covers for the devices that arrive faulty or broken after shipment. Thus, as a customer, you are always cared for by Stanley’s warranty coverage.

4 Quick connector nozzles: These constitute some of the accessories included in the packaging. They include a 0-degree red, 15-degree yellow, 25-degree green, and a 40-degree white nozzle tips. These provide the user with a wide range of cleaning options for cleaning different surfaces accordingly.

Leak-proof connections: These machines also include professional-grade connection accessories, which guarantees zero leakage at the connection joints, thus saving on power, water, and other resources. These connectors include the professional-grade garden hose connector and 22 mm connections.

  • Powerful motor system
  • Versatile
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Easily portable and mobile
  • Favorable warranty
  • Easy to assemble, use and clean
  • Lacks pressure controlling systems
  • Complaints from customers on substandard and weak parts

Summary: When looking for medium-duty chores cleaning tool, then this is your gadget. The features often guarantee exceptional and efficient cleaning at an affordable overall price. It is also quite fast and thus time-saving; hence, you should consider purchasing this if it fits your chore requirements.

5. AR Annovi Reverberi AR390SS

This is another product highly rated in the market by users and experts. This is due to the exceptional installed features which work together to provide you with excellent end efficient cleaning session. The device thus ensures that your car, among other objects to clean, stays clean and fresh.

AR Annovi Reverberi AR390SS
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Powerful motor: This machine usually has a tri-axial pump capable of building up to a maximum pressure of 2000 PSI and a 1.4 GPM speed. This is convenient for exceptional cleaning of tough stains resulting in a thoroughly clean surface.

4 nozzle tips: The machine also comes with at least four different nozzles for quick connecting to offer you varying cleaning options. For instance, the included nozzles include the 0 degrees, 25 degrees, soap, and rotary for effective cleaning of different types of surfaces and places.

Long power cord and hose: The electric pressure washer model also comes with a 30 feet high-pressure hose and a 35 feet power cord. These allow for a wide coverage area or easy maneuvering during your cleaning session. Thus cleaning with minimal restrictions guarantees excellent results.

Portable and highly mobile: The machine models also come with large wheels and a handle. These allow for easy movement of the device from place to place, thus increasing the cleaning convenience and versatility since you may clean not only your car but also your pavement and even the fence at any location.

Total Stop System (TSS): These electric pressure washers also often come designed with the TSS, which is quite convenient in the conservation of energy, water, and other resources. This is by automatically shutting off the pressure washer whenever the trigger is not engaged.

  • Saves water by 80 %
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Favorable warranty
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile
  • The hose is stiff hence challenging to reel
  • Some users found the assembly manual a little difficult to understand

Summary: With the 50 years of experience, the Annovi Reverberi has mastered the art of producing a high-quality product with customer demands fulfilled to the latter. Thus, this product is of exceptional design with unquestionably unique features which guarantee maximal and exemplary cleaning session. You should, therefore, consider buying it for a general-purpose application at home.

Things to Consider when Buying an Electric Pressure Washer for your Car

The numerous brands and models of electric pressure washers in the market have made purchasing the best model quite challenging. Thus, below are some pointer guidelines on how to acquire the best and most appropriate electric pressure cleaner for your car.

Type: The type of electric pressure washer you choose is always dependent on the purpose of the device. Thus, dependent on functionality, you should choose between light, medium, heavy, or extra heavy duty machines. For instance, when specifically looking for an electric pressure washer for your car, you should go with light or medium-duty, which will not damage your car painting and other features.

Nozzles included: These also play a huge role in the efficiency of your washer and should be given serious consideration. Therefore, before committing to one electric pressure washer, you should check the nozzles included and confirm whether they complement the type of job you want done. For instance, all the nozzle types from 0 degrees, 15, 25, 40 degrees, and low-pressure nozzles serve specific purposes, and using the wrong one on the wrong surface would result in damages. Therefore, for a car, you should make sure you have at least 25 degrees or a 40 degrees nozzle type.

Power ratings: These include water ejection speed and pressure. Thus, you should look for an electric pressure cleaner with PSI units close to the average range of 1800 PSI. This is because too high pressure could be damaging, whereas too low pressure might not produce the needed results. You should also check for the GPM rating to be around 1.8 because similarly, a too high and too low rating would result in undesirable consequences.

Power cord and hose length: These accessories play a crucial role in the efficiency of an electric pressure washer. Thus, you should always check the length and other associated features such as flexibility of these accessory features as will determine the portability and maneuverability of the pressure washer during use. Henceforth, enabling for a wider coverage or limited coverage.

Warranty: Being an electrical appliance, you should always check on the warranty agreements to ensure that any damages that are not personally inflicted, or those that arrive with the pump are covered. This means that you may return the gadget to the sender for a functional replacement or get your money back. This is usually an assurance of product quality and maintenance ease; thus, it should be considered.

The Final Words (Summary)

These electrical pressure washing machines will make washing your car simple and cost-effective. All you need is the best of the numerous models in the market today. Henceforth, we have eradicated this problem for you by providing you with a list of some of the best electric pressure washers for cars and some guidelines that could help you hunt for an appropriate and more fitting device for your car.

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