5 Best Spray In Bed Liners in 2021

A vehicle is worthy to be taken care of; either it is a personal or a commercial one. Buying a truck is one of the major investments we do in our lives to enjoy a peaceful ride, that’s why we try different products that are exclusively made for vehicle care. The spray-in bed liner is a significant product when it comes to protecting the bed of a truck from chemical, water, gas, oil, moisture, or stains and scratches it receives while carrying heavy equipment. With the simple application of a reliable bed, a liner can allow you to stop worrying about the surface regardless of the material you carry in it. In this article, we have presented the reviews of the best spray in bed liners and some buying information with tips.

What is a Spray in Bed Liner?

Spray-in bed liner is among the useful products that protect the trucks from the damage caused on the inner side while moving heavy machinery and goods. This proves effective for making the truck bed skid-resistant when it is loaded. Thus, it saves a lot of hustle for the truckers as well as the owner hiring the moving or loading services.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Spray in Bed Liners

RankPhotoBrandColorSpray GunPrice
1.Custom Coat Black 4 Liter Urethane Spray-onCustom ShopBlack & MoreYes
2.T-Rex Black Bed Liner 2K UrethaneSpeedokoteBlackYes
3.Linerxtreeme Spray on Bedliner ReviewLinerXtreemeBlackYes
4.Raptor Black 1.7 Truck bed liner by U-Pol ProductsRaptorBlackNo
5.Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bedliner KitHerculinerBlackBrush

5 Best Spray In Bed Liners Reviewed

1. Custom Coat Bed Liner Review

The Custom Coat Black 4 Liter Urethane Spray-on is easy to use so a trucker does not need to the master of applying an emulsion. The 4-liter pack is supplied with the gun that further facilitates is an instant and simple application. The easy to use makes this product a must-have for the trucker who is inclined to do most of the jobs on their own. With the purchase of this bed liner, they no need to acquire further equipment or expertise. Unlike the cumbersome job of painting a plank, the spray turns it easier at all.

Custom Coat Black
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It keeps your truck safe from the dreadful stains and scratches. A trucker’s dream is to keep the bed surface smooth and scratch less. But, the nature of loading and carrying a variety of goods makes it a nightmare, whereas, with the help of custom coat urethane spray-on, they can still pursue neat and clean truck beds.

Apply the coat and stop the deck from rusting. It also fights back against the sale, damp, and the changing climate. A trucker may need to visit any state or city, so he can never be worried about the damage to the coat due to severe heat, cold, or rain.

You may like this Custom Coat Bed-Liner for the following Key Features:

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • It resists strain and abrasion.
  • Stops rusting the truck bed.
  • Enough volume of liquid to even re-spray a large truck.
  • It assures protection against salt, damp, and severe weather conditions
  • Water resistant as well.

Summary- Custom Coat Black Urethane Spray-on is one of the appealing products for a driver who is cautious about the protection of a truck bed. This coat improves the useful life of the deck against rust, water, and severe weather conditions.

2. T-Rex Spray on Bedliner Review

T-Rex Black Bed Liner 2K Urethane is among the cheapest alternatives when it comes to preserving the trucks. The solutions come with a free Spray gun that makes the applying the coating is a hassle-free experience. It is very common that the bed of the truck depreciates with the passage of time due to severe and continuous scratches. Carrying sharp, heavy, and sizeable goods is a routine task for a trucker. But, with the help of T-Rex black red liner, he can extend the useful life of the truck with a simple quote. It preserves it from the deep scratches as well.

T-Rex Black Bed Liner 2K Urethane
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The steel surface of the bed is exposed to varying weather conditions. The truck travels through the harsh weather and to last longer, the bed has to resist salt, water, and moisture. These may cause the bed rust and deteriorate soon. With T-Rex, you can stop is effectively for a long period of time.

Being made with 2k Urethane, this product carries some very impressive qualities for adhesion. Spray it and it will stick to the surface to remove the unwanted sound and vibration. Applying it on the truck can also prove helpful in keeping it safe from water damage.

You may Choose this T-Rex Black Bed Liner for the following Key Features:

  • Easy to apply.
  • Protects bed from strain and abrasion.
  • Fight against rust, salt, moisture, and other weather conditions.
  • Water resistant, remove bed sound and vibration.
  • Improves adhesion.

Summary- T-Rex Black Bed Liner 2K Urethane is an affordable option that works exactly in the same manner as other products do. It keeps the bed safe from rusting and other climatic changes. Additionally, it also preserves the surface from the scratches it receives in routine carrying jobs.

3. Linerxtreeme Spray on Bedliner Review

Liner Extreme Spray-on Bed Liner is considered a mandatory product for the trust owners and operators who are really careful about the health and condition of their vehicles. this product is accompanied by an instructional guide that facilitates the users in understanding how it needs to be applied to the bed of a truck. No need to learn anything further.

If you are looking for the best this can be one of the most promising products for all your protective needs. The effective solution is attracting more users to try it and keep following for better. This is the reason that thousands of community members are relying on liner extreme.

Linerxtreeme Spray on Bedliner Review
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Applying bed liner with the help of a roll-on is difficult. It requires skills and expertise for the person, but the gun it turning all this process easier and filled with fun. It is even encouraging the newcomers to have it on all the trust bed with the gun without creating a mess all around.

Liner Extreme spray-on bed liner sticks firmly to the surface of the truck bed to ensure its long-lasting usability. The hectic routine of a truck makes it difficult to spray it regularly with a protective coating. Spray this bed liner once and consume its benefits longer.

You may like the Linerxtreeme spray on Bedliner Kit for the following Key Features:

  • Easy to use with the help of Ian instructional guide.
  • High-quality spray in gallons.
  • Trusted by thousands of customers.
  • Spray gun for quick application.
  • Enhanced adhesion and toughness.

Summary- LinerExtrem is recommended the most for trucker having less knowledge and skills of applying a coating. This product comes with a spray gun and an instructional guide that is enabling even a layman to deploy the solution. This high-quality spray improves adhesion and toughness of the truck.

4. U-Pol Raptor Review (0825 RAPTOR Black)

Raptor Black truck bed liner is a proud item by U-Pol products that assure the protection of your truck from stains and scratches. You might be busy loading and moving heavy industrial or residential belongings, but find a lot of scratches at the end of the day. Before these stains occur and you don’t have a viable solution, protect the bed surface right away with this effective soluble.

Raptor Black 1.7 Truck bed liner by U-Pol Products
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Truckers can apply this bed liner for reducing the truck body sound and vibration. Poor maintenance and the absence of protective coating results in loose bedding. With the help of this amazing bed liner, the truck owners and operators can not only reduce the unwanted sound it makes but the harmful vibration as well.

There are various options available for the truck beds, but most of the sprays fade away as soon as the truck goes under the severe workload. Raptor Black is amazingly momentous in protecting the color from the ultraviolet rays so that the operator is not required to re-coat is sooner. One coating is not recommended to ensure ultimate protection that’s why this product comes in enough soluble for re-coating of the truck bed. The improved quality assures long lasting usage.

You may like this U-Pol Raptor for the following Key Features:

  • Stain and scratch resistant.
  • Eliminate truck bed vibration and sound.
  • Protect color from UV rays.
  • Enough liquid re-coating.
  • Last for a longer time period.

Summary- U-Pol Products Raptor Black 1.7 Truck bed liner may seem to be a bit expensive, but the quality of the spray really worth the price. It is not supplied with the spray gun, whereas truckers can decide either to arrange a roll-on or gun on their own. The protection from UV rays is often a struggle, but this product makes it easier with a simple application of the coat.

5. Herculiner Truck Bed Liner Kit Review

Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bedliner Kit offers all that you need to preserve your valuable trucks. It is a complete package to take care of your vehicle as it includes a gallon of high-quality coating along with a brush and two roller-on. It gives you the freedom to apply the solution as it seems comfortable. Start brushing the coating, and finish it with a roller on to evenly distribute the paint.

In comparison to other products, this bed liner has an added advantage of shining the surface. Apply it and feel proud of the glowing surface of the bed. If giving your truck a shining look was your dream but you were unable to make it glow, then this product is the answer to all your worries.

Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bedliner Kit
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The coating is manufactured with the polyurethane which is making it an amazing solution for strengthening the bed surface. It makes the coating stick to the surface and be a part of the entire body paint. Turn the deteriorating surface into a tear-resistant one.

Being thicker in nature, the coating is certified for better protection against rust. Avoid applying multiple coats of low-quality bed liner, as this one ensures safety against stains and scratches after a single coat. It firmly resists oil, gas, and chemicals that may damage the surface and make it rough.

You may like the Herculiner HCL1B8 for the following Key Features:

  • 1-gallon protective coating, a brush, and 2 rollers.
  • Give your products a shiny look.
  • The coating is made of polyurethane.
  • Thicker and effective than other roll-ons.
  • Protect the surface from rust.
  • It resists Oil, Gas, and other chemicals.

Summary- Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bedliner is a kit for complete protection against rust, stains, and scratches. The gallon along with brush and roll-on is captivating for truck owners to apply it accordingly. It is a recommendation for truckers to preserve the originality regardless of moving gas, oil, and chemicals. Get protected against all the odds.

How Much Do Spray in Bed Liners Cost?

The cost of spray-in bed liners varies between countries and states. Every region has a set of rules and taxation that applies to the supply of such products. For example, a resident of Texas can save as much as a hundred dollars that the one that is going to buy the same in New York.

Types of Spray in Bedliners

The spray-in bed liners are available in a great variety of differences of formulation and the processes involved. But, generally, there are two types that are known to all. These are,

1. Aromatic- The truck owners who are searching for a cheap and low budget alternative to keeping the bed of the vehicle safe from damages, Aromatic is the solution. It is a recommended choice for darker colors like the black one.

2. Aliphatic- This is a form of polyurethane coating that is manufactured to color the truck bed for ensured protection. Because of being made of polyurethane, the price of this product can be a bit costly, but the ability to apply it to different colors pays it all off.

How to Choose Spray for Bed Liners?

Finding a perfect match for strengthening the truck bed is difficult. So, we are highlighting some of the tips that can simplify the selection for you.

1. Is it easy to use- The application of any spray is difficult unless you know the basics of doing it on your own. But, it also depends on the ease of use of any specific product. If you are using it for the first time, then it must include an instruction guide of applying it to your truck without seeking the help of a professional.

2. Go through the reviews- An effective bed liner is known for its popularity among the existing customers. Go through the reviews submitted the consumers and evaluate the usefulness of the product. They might have shared their experiences which may help you in selection.

3. Matching the color- There are products that are either compatible with dark colors or can be applied to a variety of colors. If you need to consider have a bed liner product, think about the color of your truck so that the spray it be applied to the bed that matches its entire color as well.

4. Ask for the durability- The spray-in bed liner needs to be durable enough to stay on the regardless of the heavy goods are uploaded and carried on. It may also include asking about its resistance to direct sunlight and other weather condition. It’s a waste of time if it peels off soon when exposed to sunlight for a few consecutive hours.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

Selecting the best spray in bed liner is tricky, but with the help of productive comparison, you can easily decide the one you need the most. We have tried to analyze some of the trustworthy bed liners with a detailed review of its features and benefits. It varies in different sizes and qualities.

Some are supplied with a spray-gun, while others are backed by brushes and roll-ons. One of the major factors in considering a product can be its price. So, we have selected and reviewed products that are affordable and deliver the best value for the money. You can freely read the review or look at the compelling features to decide a product that matches your requirements the most.

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  1. I think you review leaves us a but stuck on what is the best product still. Maybe if you could what is the best in terms of durability as a whole would of been more helpful. Then go off with price, user friendly, value etc.
    As most trucks don’t have a cover over their bed, I want to know what holds up to the UVs, wear, cracking over time. Price point can be why one customer buys, but if you spend 50$ more and get 5 more years of life then i would save up the 50$.

    Thanks for some advice though.

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