5 Best Truck Tool Boxes in 2021

You love your tools, so it’s important to make certain that they are cared for properly to increase their service use. Those of you who cart your tools from job site to job site needs a way to keep them free from the effects of weather as well as theft.

Let’s face it, no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on the best tools money can buy, and come back to the truck to find them gone, so the absolute best way to secure your tools is by investing in one or more top of the line truck tool boxes. We have just what you need: Below we have compiled a list of 5 of the best truck tool boxes on the market today, along with helpful hints on what to look for and installation.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Truck Tool Boxes

1.UnderCover SC300D Truck Storage BoxUndercover
2.Giantex Aluminum Tool Box (Truck Trailer)Giantex
3.Weather Guard 121001 Aluminum Tool BoxWeather Guard
4.TMS Bed Trailer Aluminum Tool BoxTMS
5.Best Choice Products Aluminum Tool BoxBest Choice Products

5 Best Truck Tool Boxes Reviewed

1. UnderCover SC300D Truck Box

The UnderCover SC300D SwingCase Truck Storage Box is at the top of our list. This on board tool chest is composed of a lightweight ABS polymer material, swings out approximately 180 degrees and can hold around 75 pounds of tools and equipment. Security is an added feature as the lid locks with you getting a set of 2 keys, which each UnderCover storage box keyed differently.

UnderCover SC300D Truck Storage Box
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This made in the USA tool storage chest is designed to fit snugly in your truck bed without interfering with your much needed space. This durable and tough Swing Case not only locks securely, but is made with a water resistant seal which helps to keep your tools, towing equipment, and supplies dry during the wet season.

The sliding tray comes in handy for all those little bits such as bolts, screws and other small items. This truck storage box uses a hinged mount which hooks up to your truck’s bed rails. The self-catching latch gives you peace of mind, knowing that your tool box will not swing open on its own while driving.

This product works with both tonneau covers and bed caps, mounting about 2 inches higher than your truck bed so you can open and close your Swing Case without worrying it will catch onto anything. Right handed, left handed or both, the Swing Case comes in designs that will fit either side of the truck bed. This also means that you can install two SwingCase boxes, if you need to. Easy to install, you get 6 self tapping screws which help you get the entire box installed in around 5 minutes.

  • Matching Swing Cases for both sides of your truck bed
  • Secure locking feature and 2 keys
  • Water resistant seal to keep supplies dry
  • Easy and fast installation in around 5 minutes
  • Tough, durable and holds up to 75 pounds of equipment
  • This tool box works best with certain makes and models, so check the specs before you buy

Summary: The UnderCover SC300D SwingCase Truck Storage box is a tough, durable, weather resistant addition to your truck with the ability to hold 75 pounds of equipment easily. The box swings out from the truck bed for easy access to all of your tools, and conveniently swings back into place and locks securely when you are done.

We personally love this case for its strength, security, and convenience it offers. This case is removable, so you can easily detach it from the truck bed to carry it to your garage, home or job site.

2.Giantex Aluminum Tool Box

The Giantex Aluminum Tool Box Tote is a nice, solidly built, basic toolbox that fits easily in the back of most pickup trucks. This model is definitely not low profile, as it gives you up to 15 inches depth to stack your equipment. At 49″ x 15″ x 15″ you are guaranteed a box which can handle your longer and unwieldy tools such as levels or portable LED lights with 30 feet of wound outdoor extension cord.

Giantex Aluminum Tool Box (Truck Trailer)
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Heavy duty, 1/16″ aluminum, users claim that it takes hits well and does not dent easily. It is also noted that the shiny finish resists chips and scratches. For those who wish to secure the tool box to the truck bed, simply drill holes in the bottom and bolt it in place.

This tool/tote box is able to be used in vehicles of various makes and models such as All Terrain Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, Trucks, and Utility trailers. Also referred to as a ‘tote’, the strong handles and light weight of just 20 pounds, meaning you can also move your box from your vehicle to your garage, job site or camping site.

Keep your tools, equipment and camping supplies secure and protected from the elements as the lid overlaps the box, is supported with heavy duty hinges, and uses chains to keep it conveniently open at 90-degree angle for easy access. With your purchase, you get 2 keys which you can use to open and secure the lid, which opens downward.

  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Secure locking system with 2 keys
  • Heavy duty hinges for the lid
  • Spacious interior with 15″ depth
  • Versatile and can be used with a variety of makes and models
  • You must add your own weather stripping

Summary: This sturdy lightweight tool/tote box made from 1/16″ aluminum from Giantex is a great investment for anyone looking for a tough portable storage unit. Easily tote items from your truck to garage, home, job or camping site, as its spacious interior has no problem storing your long extension cords, portable lighting, battery chargers, camping gear, or tools.

Its weather resistant build and lock means that your stash will be kept secure and dry. This versatile box can be fitted to your flatbed and used on ATV’s, Utility Trailers, RV’s, or marine vehicles.

3.Weather Guard 121001 Tool Box

The 121001 Low Profile Tool Box by Weather Guard is also known as a ‘saddle box’. Weather Guard designed this tool box to be tough and easy to fit in the back of your flatbed as the tool box hooks from the side rails of your truck, giving you access to much needed room underneath. By using this design, you are not losing flatbed truck space, which is essential for anyone who uses their flatbed to cart items such as lumber, paneling, or piping.

Weather Guard 121001 Aluminum Tool Box
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This toolbox is built to withstand the elements as well as prevent unwanted access to your equipment or theft. The box is kept secure with a tamper resistant retracting lock and can be held in place using the drill free installation mounting brackets. As for the elements, the box is constructed with weather sealing to keep your supplies dry.

If you have smaller items you wish to keep separate, this toolbox comes with a storage tray. This toolbox is constructed of durable aluminum with an Armor Tuf clear powder coated finish in a diamond tread surface pattern design. Easy to install, comes with tie-downs to secure it to the bed of your truck.

This spacious, low profile saddle box is 71.5″ x 20.25″ x 15″, with a total volume of 8.8 cubic feet, and is designed to fit most makes and models. Other features include level storage long enough to accommodate a 48-inch level, automotive type latch which opens on a touch, low profile in design for reduced clearance, and for electrical up fits, a 12-volt access.

  • Secure, lockable lid with retracting lock
  • Weather resistant sealing
  • Suspends so you keep your flatbed space underneath
  • Made from durable aluminum with armor tuf clear powder coat
  • Spacious with 8.8 cubic feet of storage area
  • This is a low profile box, so check to see if the depth suits your needs before you buy

Summary: The Low Profile Toolbox by Weather Guard, model number 121001, is a fabulous buy for anyone who is looking for a strong, aluminum toolbox, which uses a tough, retractable lock to secure your tools and equipment.

With a spacious 8.8 cubic feet of storage area, this box also comes with trays for smaller items, has weather resistant sealing, and is a ‘saddle’ box design, so it suspends above the truck bed leaving you plenty of space underneath to carry more items. The Armor Tuf clear powder coat adds to the beauty and durability of this chest.

4.TMS Bed Trailer Aluminum Tool Box

The TMS Tool Box Tote is manufactured from durable, heavy duty aluminum tread plate, weighs in at approximately 36 pounds, with outside dimensions of 49″ x 15″ x 15″. This means that the TMS tote has both a spacious interior to store long handled tools like your axes and levels, but also a good amount of depth for those who need to pile their equipment up high.

TMS Bed Trailer Aluminum Tool Box
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This versatile tool box is fully welded for extra strength. This added toughness means it can be used to store everything from weighty, cumbersome gardening tools, children outdoor toys, for storage in your truck, as well as home and garage use. Fans of the outdoor life will love this tote, as it can be carried right to your camping site, keeping your supplies bug and moisture free.

The convenient carrying handles are also made from heavy duty aluminum, and located on each end for easy transport. The box is weather resistant so it is safe to place your tools, supplies and equipment inside during the rainy season. The lid has a heavy duty hinge to withstand multiple opening and closings and is kept secure with a lock and 2 keys.

This storage box has a design which is basic, clean and functional. As a result, it is able to fit not only flatbed trucks, but can be used with Recreational Vehicles, Utility Trailers, All Terrain Vehicles as well as placed in your car to hold your tire jack, tools, and battery charger.

  • Heavy duty, welded aluminum construction
  • Spacious interior with nice depth
  • Versatile for use with vehicles, general storage, and camping
  • Aluminum carrying handles to transport box from truck to site
  • Fits various makes and models of vehicles
  • Dents easily

Summary: This heavy duty, welded aluminum tote by TMS is long, wide and deep, making it the perfect choice for those of you out there who carry longer tools and need depth to store them high. Weather resistant lid keeps out the rain and snow, comes with a lock, 2 keys and is held in place by heavy duty hinges.

A fantastic choice for anyone who needs a tote box to use on their ATV one day, move to the garage the next, and place on their flatbed the next week. An affordable, top of the line all-purpose tote for anyone needing one toolbox for many different duties.

5.Best Choice Products SKY2505

The Camper Tool Box from Best Choice is designed and built to be affordable, sturdy and tough. It easily handles and organizes your heavy tools, supplies and camping equipment. Made from strong, heavy duty aluminum with a bright, durable exterior chrome tread finish, this rectangular box will fit easily in your flatbed.

Best Choice Products Aluminum Tool Box
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It comes with a spacious interior of 30″ x 13.25″ x 9.75″, which is large enough to store most tools and weighs in at a light 11.55 pounds. Its light weight coupled with 2 durable handles, make it easy to transport so that you will be able to easily move it from the garage, job site, camping ground, home or truck, wherever you need to stow your gear.

This tool box works well not only for campers but also is great for trucks as well, especially if you have towing equipment or tools to haul in its spacious interior. This chest has a locking lid to keep your tools secure from theft, and 2 keys for access. The lid sits nicely on top of the box, overlapping then box when closed to prevent excess moisture from entering.

Best Choice designed this box to be an all-purpose, aluminum utility chest for different needs for those who needed an alternative to cheap, plastic tool boxes. As a result, it is not designed to attach your flatbed. However, if this is a concern many users simply drill holes in the bottom and attach it themselves.

  • For campers, trucks, garage and in home storage use
  • Spacious interior
  • Security with one lock and 2 keys
  • Lightweight with 2 handles for easy transport
  • Built from strong aluminum with attractive chrome finish
  • You have to add your own weather sealing

Summary: The weather resistant, Best Choice 30 inch Tool Chest is constructed from heavy duty, light gauge aluminum to be easy to move and transport. This all-purpose, lightweight toolbox is perfect for those who wish to store items such as pool toys, gardening equipment, which locks securely. Overall consensus is that if you are in the market for a cost effective, a tough aluminum alternative to cheap plastic storage bins, we think you should give this a look.

How to Install a Truck Tool Box

You’ve just purchased the perfect truck tool box, and now it’s time to install it. Fortunately for you, they are relatively easy to install and most models come with everything you need, such as mounting brackets, to complete the task.

Other boxes referred to as tool box ‘totes’ is not meant to be installed, but to be kept portable. Whichever you choose, we’ve included a set of guidelines to give you a basic idea of what you may need, depending on the type of box you purchase.

Note: Not everyone is good with tools, and use these boxes to carry tire changing tools, emergency lighting, battery chargers or camping supplies. If you are not tool friendly, please find a certified mechanic who will be happy to properly install your tool box for you.

Step 1: First and foremost, it is extremely important that you mount your truck tool box securely so it doesn’t go flying off the flatbed, so get out the manual or instructions that came with your purchase. The installation will be based on the particular box that you purchased, so follow those instructions first. Next, park your vehicle on a level surface and engage the parking brake.

Step 2: Read your instructions and assemble the tools required. If you wish to secure your portable aluminum tote to your flatbed, you’ll need a drill and bolts. To prevent damage to your vehicles surface, get some foam or rubber padding.

Step 3: If you have chosen a tool box design, such as a crossover, that needs to be bolted to your truck, it is a good idea to use rubber or foam to protect the finish. Carefully measure and cut the foam or rubber. Next, place it as a barrier between your toolbox and the surface of your vehicle.

Step 4: Place your box on your truck bed. Once you have it in place, open and shut the lid to be certain it moves freely. Follow the mounting instructions in your manual for your particular box. For instance, if you need to drill, accurately mark the holes so everything is aligned perfectly, then insert the bolts into the holes, and tighten. If you purchased a ‘tote’ style, then drill holes on the bottom of the box and bolt it to your flatbed.

Step 5: Once you have installed your box, it is time to test it out. This means you have to make certain that it is sitting nice and snug. You do not want your toolbox loose while you are driving, making quick starts or stops and sliding off. After you are satisfied, it can’t hurt to give the bolts a final tightening before you place your tools in the box.

How to Choose a Truck Tool Box

Tool chests for vehicles to play an important role in both business and basic home improvement projects by keeping your tools secure, organized and clean. These toolboxes come in a variety of designs for various vehicles and use.

They can be used for everything from storing tools, chargers, and towing supplies, to camping equipment. To help you choose the best one for your needs, we have put together a list of what to think about when making your choice.

Weather Resistant – For flatbeds with no cover, this is extremely important, as you do not wish for your equipment to be damaged by the elements. Almost all toolboxes are weather resistant. The more expensive tool boxes will have a weather seal, while the inexpensive chests will have a lid which overlaps the entire chest, think ‘shoe box’, and that can be sufficient to keep the wet out.

Materials – This depends on how much you wish to spend. If you choose one that is made of inexpensive plastic, you are open to theft as thieves will simply cut through the plastic and remove the tools. A tool box made from heavy duty, rustproof tread aluminum, that comes with a good lock will ensure that your tools will be put away securely. Aluminum is preferred as it is light, will not corrode, and inexpensive.

Interior Size – Before you purchase your box, carefully consider what tools you’ll be placing inside the chest. For instance, a good level is an expensive tool, so if you purchased a 40 plus inch level, you’ll need a box where it will lie comfortably.

If your needs include the use of smaller tools, nuts bolts, and screws, then you’ll need a box with tool trays. If you will be carrying towing supplies, portable lighting and extension cords look for a box that has a good depth.

Design – Carefully think about what you’ll be using your tools for, and how often you will be diving into your tool chest. For instance, some tool chests called ‘crossovers’, are designed to suspend above the bed of your truck for a good 4 to 5 inches, which allows you to slide lumber, piping or paneling underneath.

Other tool chests are light weight and designed to be easily carried off the truck to the work site, while others have designs where they swing outwards from the truck bed. The design must work with what cargo you carry on a daily basis, or you will waste money.

Placement – The type of vehicle you’ll be using and the ease of access you require should be considered. For instance, if your usual cargo includes planks, pipes or paneling you know that you require every inch of your flatbed, so take a look at crossover models.

Also, remember that some truck tool boxes are constructed for certain class of vehicles, so measure the dimensions of your vehicle first: Distance between inside the rails, outside the rails, and height of your bedroom wall to get a good idea of the size you’ll need.

The Final Words (Summary)

We’ve come to the end of our foray into the world of the best truck tool box, so thank you for visiting with us and we hope you not only found our products perfect for your needs, but the accompanying information valuable in your search. As you can probably tell, what seemed like an easy purchase, still holds some critical concerns.

Truck tool boxes/totes are manufactured with great precision, and in a great variety of designs, all based on the specific needs of the individual, make or model of vehicle. For those new to the automotive world, please feel free to visit some of our other articles where we review and talk about automotive products and services.

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  1. Great Article, very helpful info here. I want to purchased UnderCover SC300D Truck Storage Box . I’m worry about the strength of the plastic. The first one came with a huge crack in it from Amazon despite the factory box being perfect, and it seems pretty thin considering a lot of people plan on putting things like receivers and balls in it. I would think it would be fiberglass-reinforced plastic, structural foam, or similar to handle this.Is the same box used for long and short-bed trucks? Can you please help me about it?

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