5 Best Wheel Spacers for Trucks in 2020

Wheel spacers have grown popular over the years with many individuals looking to install them in their vehicles. Wheel spacers are simply add-on’s used by car tuners to create some space between the car and the wheels. The spacing often varies depending on the type and size of the wheel spacer; however, they often present with abundant benefits. Some of the benefits associated include the fact that it adds to the aesthetics of the car, improves vehicle performance by perfecting on the cornering capability, and allows for the easy upgrading of different wheel sizes without changing the initial rim size.

Nevertheless, there are a variety of brands and models of wheel spacers in the market, thus acquiring the best for your car, and your needs could be a little tricky. We have henceforth compiled a list of some of the best wheel spacers for trucks currently in the market for you to check out.

A Quick Look at the Top Wheel Spacers for Trucks

1.Spidertrax WHS007 Wheel SpacerSpidertrax
2.ECCPP Wheel SpacersECCPP
3.Supreme Suspensions Wheel SpacersSupreme Suspensions
4.Titan Wheel Accessories SpacersTitan Wheel Accessories
5.Orion Motor Tech Wheel SpacersOrion Motor Tech

5 Best Wheel Spacers for Trucks Reviewed

1. Spidertrax WHS007 Wheel Spacer

Spidertarx has been in the business of manufacturing and distribution of wheel spacers for only over two decades. However, during this time, they have managed to grow popular since their products are always high quality made with features that guarantee exemplary performance.

Spidertrax WHS007 Wheel Spacer
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High-quality manufacturing materials: These products are usually manufactured from two materials. The spacers are usually made from T6 aluminum while the lug nuts and the studs from 4140 Chromoly studs. This guarantees the robust structure of these spacers hence improving their resistance and durability.

Wholesome design: One of the significant benefits of these spacers is the aesthetics it encourages. Thus, the design has incorporated a smooth blue finish which is appealing and fancy looking. Furthermore, the design is also to precision with high accuracy levels regarding concentricity between the wheel, the spacer, and the hub. Thus guaranteeing for a perfect OEM fit for sturdiness and efficiency during use.

Fully furnished kit: The packaged kit shipped from the company is always fully furnished with two 1.25 inch wheel spacers, 12 Metric by 1.5-inch wheel studs already pre-installed in the spacers for convenience, 12 Lug Nuts and Thread Locker. The fully furnished kit also includes an instructional book manual for straightforward application. Thus all these guarantees for easy installation with many conveniences since all accessories are always available.

Anodized finish: The wheel spacers are also anodized in a blue finish through a double anodizing process. This ensures that the wheel spacers are capable of withstanding twice the regular corrosion rate. This will further guarantee the robustness and durability of the products.

Lifetime warranty: To further guarantee the authenticity and high quality of the wheel spacer kit model, Spidertrax Company often offers a limited lifetime warranty on any mechanical malfunction experienced during use and stipulated in the agreement. This ensures that certain wheel spacer damages such as those incurred during transport will warrant for free returns to the company.

  • Easy to install
  • High quality, robust and long-lasting design
  • Aesthetic and stylish
  • Wheel and hub centric for precision
  • Comes with all installation accessories
  • Comes in only one thickness size
  • Quite pricey
  • Occasional complaints about missing accessories and used wheel spacers

Summary: This is one of the most recommended wheel spacers in the market today. Thus the durability features, coupled with precision easy fitting and convenient accessories, make this product an excellent fit for your vehicle. Thus, as long as your vehicle fits the specificity needed, you should get this wheel spacer kit.

2. ECCPP Wheel Spacers

This is another wheel spacer brand that ranks among the best in the market. It usually comes with unique features that make its installation and utilization a work of art and excellence. These wheel spacers will, therefore, fulfill your dream of styling up your car and improving overall performance.

ECCPP Wheel Spacers
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2-inch thickness: This is a unique feature to these wheel spacers. The two-inch thickness is quite large, allowing the wheels to move further away from the hub. This gives your vehicle an aggressive stance and allows for better handling. It also makes the installation of wider/larger traction tires much simple. This essentially improves vehicle performance.

Manufacturing materials: These wheel spacers are also made from high-quality materials. These include the T6 billet aluminum for the wheel spacers, Chromoly stud/nut thread pitch, and the wheel spacers are also anodize treated for increased resistance against corrosion. This ensures that the product is strong and durable for prolonged use.

Vehicle specificity: Unlike other wheel spacers, these products usually come in single measurements design to fit in a select few vehicle models from the Jeep brand. These include the Liberty, the Wrangler, Cherokee, Comanche, and Grand Comanche. Thus, any vehicle outside these will not be able to utilize the wheel spacer properly.

Lightweight design: These wheel spacers are also lightweight weighing only about 4 pounds overall. This can be attributed to the manufacturing materials, unlike in the much heavier steel spacers, and this ensures that the initial vehicle weight is not interfered with much thus further improving on performance.

  • Cheap and affordable
  • High quality and durable
  • Vehicle specific design
  • Comes with convenient accessories
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • No user manual included
  • Vehicle specificity and the standard 2-inch thickness is inconvenient for others

Summary: This wheel spacer was designed with customer satisfaction in mind. Thus, despite all the unique and vital features, the cost is very cheap and affordable. You should, therefore try and add this to your car as it is full of guaranteed success in terms of performance and durability.

3. Supreme Suspensions Wheel Spacers

Just like all the other top-ranking wheel spacers, these models also have unique qualities which makes their performance eccentric. Thus, supreme suspensions often try to incorporate modern technology into the manufacturing process for more precision products to fit into your car hub.

Supreme Suspensions Wheel Spacers
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Vehicle specificity: These wheel spacers are usually designed only to fit the 2004 to 2014 Ford 150 whether two-wheel or four-wheel drive. This henceforth makes the purchase straightforward since you need only purchase this product if you have a vehicle within the above model category.

Manufacture materials: These wheel spacers are also manufactured from high-quality materials. For instance, it is a heavy-duty product from high-grade T6 aluminum material. This is quite strong material capable of withstanding immense pressure. Since it is also corrosion-resistant, this wheel spacer is usually very durable.

Flexibility: These wheel spacers are usually designed in at least two thickness sizes. Thus, one usually comes measuring 1.5 inches while the other one 2 inches. This will give you the freedom to look and select the most appealing and compatible with your vehicle.

Packaging: The packaging from the company usually comes with a supreme suspension pro-pack, four pieces of aerospace-Grade Billet wheel spacers pre-installed with precision-machine splined studs and some installation hardware. These ensure convenience after purchase and during installation saving you from going shopping for the accessories separately.

Aesthetics: The design of these wheel spacers comes with a rugged black finish. This is quite appealing and complements many car colors. Therefore, the overall design of the supreme suspension wheel spacers also hinges on providing users with a desirable and fancy looking vehicle.

  • Easy and straightforward installation
  • Stylish and fancy looking
  • Improves vehicle performance
  • Robust and durable
  • Flexible with two thickness sizes
  • Limited utilization on particular trucks only like the Ford brand
  • Occasional trimming of studs to fit other vehicle models

Summary: Supreme suspensions wheel spacer often comes highly recommended among the specific users. They claim this product satisfies their needs at a reasonably low price. Thus, you should also get one of these wheel spacers to style up your car while improving performance.

4. Titan Wheel Accessories Spacers

Titan wheel accessories supply high-quality gear; thus, any product from them is usually guaranteed to withstand the test of time. Therefore, the high-quality wheel spacers from Titan suppliers usually come with unique but essential features for the betterment of your vehicle.

Titan Wheel Accessories Spacers
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Aesthetics: These wheel spacers are usually black in color with a smooth black finish. This, coupled with the pre-installed silver color bolts and nuts, the wheel spacer looks amazing. This henceforth, when installed in your car, will bring about the fancy look for all people to admire.

Hub centric design: This is a vital feature in these wheel spacers. This implies that the wheel spacers usually come with a collar at the center for improved wheel balance since the collar provides the best spacer functionality tolerance. The feature also eliminates random wheel vibrations even in rough terrains due to perfect fitting.

Resilient manufacture materials: These wheel spacers are usually manufactured with high-quality materials from the T6 aerospace graded aluminum billet, which is quite strong, resistant, durable, and lightweight. It is also heat resistant, thus guaranteeing durability during use. The bolts are also corrosion resistant due to the anodized surface and their manufacture material of super-strong 12.9-grade steel threads.

CNC Machined: These wheel spacers are usually manufactured from a computer numerical control system. This system ensures that the high-quality aerospace billet aluminum is precisely cut. This will guarantee perfect fitting to the cars without the common problems with the other wheel spacers such as squealing and squeaking.

Packaging: The Titan wheel spacers are usually packaged and shipped as four new wheel spacer pieces and 20 half inch thread pitches. These will assist in the installation process since there would be the need to go shopping for the bolts and nuts separately after the arrival of the product, thus saving on time and eliminating inconveniences.

  • Precise fitting design
  • High-quality manufacturing material
  • Zero vibration hence perfect for off-roads
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Convenient packaging with accessories
  • A little pricey
  • Comes only in one size of 2-inches
  • Vehicle specific to certain models and vehicle brands

Summary: This is another popular wheel spacer in the market. It is highly recommended by manufacturers and users all over the world, praising its greatness and effectiveness in transforming a vehicle for the better. Thus, you should also try it out in your car and see the exceptional outcomes.

5. Orion Motor Tech Wheel Spacers

This hub centric wheel spacer is ranked among the best in the market. This is because feedbacks indicates that these wheel spacers are always precise while improving the maneuverability of your vehicle. Thus, you should check it out.

Orion Motor Tech Wheel Spacers
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Specific compatibility: These wheel spacers are always not designed for any vehicle around. Thus, it will perfectly fit in the following vehicles without a doubt; 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK, 1999-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ/WK AND 2006-2010 Jeep Commander XK. You should, therefore, ensure that the vehicle is compatible with the above list.

Guaranteed safety features: These wheel spacers are also machine manufactured from the 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum billet for proper fitting and precision during operation. The bolts are also heat-treated and hardened to withstand immense amounts of pressure. The wheel spacer surfaces are also anodized for increased resistance to corrosive forces and elements.

Favorable Warranty: The company usually offers a three-year warranty on products damaged as per the warranty agreements. Thus, during this period, you may return the faulty wheel spacer for new and functional replacements. This is an assurance of the quality of these products.

Hub-centric design: This design also often includes a centering collar which in combination ensures that the wheel spacer functions as perfect as possible. This feature, when properly operating also eliminates the risks from vibrations. This makes the vehicle perform outstandingly.

  • Easy installation process
  • Precise and accurate operation
  • Strong and durable
  • Favorable warranty
  • Fairly priced
  • Accessories provided for installation convenience
  • Comes in a single thickness size
  • Zero flexibility with only one thickness size

Summary: These come with several features lacking in the majority of wheel spacers but available in the premium model. Nevertheless, the price is quite lenient on the customer. Henceforth, you need to acquire one for your car as it will fulfill all the requirements for a wheel spacer.

Things to Consider when Buying a Wheel Spacer for Your Truck

When buying a wheel spacer or planning on buying one, you should try and adhere to some of the following factors and features. This is because they will help you hasten your search for the perfect and most fitting wheel spacer for your car.

Size: The size of the wheel, the spacer, and hub should all be compatible in one way or the other or else, the wheel spacer or the tire would not be able to be securely attached. Thus, before going out shopping for a wheel spacer, make sure you know the size of your hub and that of the tire to be installed. These will help you purchase the best wheel spacer for your truck.

Type: There are various types of wheel spacers; however, you need to know the major categorization which entails the lug and hub centric wheel spacers. Lug centric types usually have a gap which could be dangerous. Thus, the most popular type is always the hub centric type with no space for occasional vibration. Thus, you can always choose the best type and that which reflects with your financial status too however, the centric type is always recommended.

Manufacturing material: This is also a vital factor for consideration. High-quality manufacture materials such as aluminum and steel are quite recommended for a wheel spacer. They will always ensure that the wheel spacers serve the user for the longest time possible. This is because with quality, comes a high resistance to corrosion and wear and tear from occasional friction. Thus, before you buy a wheel spacer, try and make sure that the materials are high quality and genuine.

Overall design: Since the wheel spacers are devices of pride and beauty, then, you should try and find one with an appealing finishing. This will ensure that your truck looks dashing and outstanding among other neighboring trucks.

Process of installation: This one also varies from model to model. Thus, as you are shopping, you should buy one with an easy installation process such as the bolt-on or slip-on methods. These will allow even beginners to installing the wheel spacer under the DIY home projects slowly. This is vital because complicated installation processes usually require professional help which could cost even more money.

Price: personal reflection, an individual should know their current financial status before committing to buying an expensive or a cheap wheel spacer. This would save them a lot by preventing unnecessary shopping/buying of an expensive wheel spacer when you can just have a similar operational one at a lower price.

The Final Words (Summary)

Wheel spacers usually make an excellent adjustment to the design and performance of your car. Thus, acquiring one for your vehicle is usually strongly encouraged since it does support not only the fancy car look but also improves vehicle performance. Thus, you may choose one of the models above since they are currently the best wheel spacer for trucks in the market.

You may also check out the factors provided to assist you further in searching for the perfect wheel spacers for your truck. Thus, by perusing the above data, you are guaranteed to find the wheel spacer you most desire.

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