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Thinking of driving the famous Rubicon Trail, or are you simply looking for a state-of-the-art, aggressively designed MT tire that can handle the highway, chew through mounds of sand, dirt, mud, and snow, while giving you superior and responsive handling? Then look no further than our Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Review, as we show you the ins and outs of this fabulous tire.

Indeed, this tire is a rare breed, in that it not only provides you with superb off-road handling but also gives you a quiet, comfortable on-road driving experience. The Cooper STT fits a wide variety of vehicles, from the Chevy Silverado, Blazer, Didge Ram, Nitro, Durango, Hummer H3, Grand Cherokee and Honda Passport, offers you incredible road grip, long tread life, is quiet on the road and is self cleaning.

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Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Reviewed

1. Excellent, Responsive Handling

When people talk about how their vehicle handles, they are speaking of how it responds to the driver’s commands and moves over the terrain. In other words, it’s how your Dodge Ram takes in the corners, curves, starts, and stops, and your choice of tires has a huge effect on how your vehicle responds.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Excellent, Responsive Handling
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The way a tire accomplishes this is to have excellence in design, which the STT does. In 2015 the STT received the ‘Good Design’ award for excellence from the European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

Go ahead, take a huge bite out of that off road trail, you know you want to, and with the STT you most certainly can. Take a good look at the STT, notice the scalloped shoulder tread lugs, as these lugs are what give you responsive handling no matter what terrain you ride.

Whether you are heading straight for a flooded viaduct in the city or chomping at the bit to take down Bald Mountain in Shaver Lake, California, drive-ability will be yours. Finally, the Flex Groove design helps you get a more even driving experience as you go from surface to surface.

2. Coopers Own Unique Tread Design

Time to take a closer look at this most exceptional tire by examining the tread design, and notice that is the inner tread rib design which has an alternating 3-2 pattern that is responsible for the responsive handling, stability, and traction when running mud and dirt trails.

You’re buying this tire for the tread design, and the benefits it gives you, so just having stones, road debris and mud clog up the treads defeats the purpose of having them, so Cooper’s engineers have devised a rather clever solution: Anti-Stone Retention design.

This works to resist stones from becoming lodged in your treads, which kill their efficiency and usefulness. As for mud, mud releases dimples aid in the self cleaning by ridding you’re of loose dirt accumulation.

4. Road Noise

When purchasing a set of mud terrain tires, the sound reduction can be an issue. The type of tire they are, with their massive, aggressive tread, they won’t be as quiet as an ultra performance passenger or touring tire on your sedan.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro, Road Noise
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However, for all their size and heft, you’ll find that the STT is a bit more quiet on pavement than their competition, due to the alternating hybrid 3-2 tread pattern. OEM tires are generally chosen to bring a buyer closer to the sale, by creating a soft, quiet ride.

But these tires will not give you the performance you desire from your sport utility vehicle, so when you switch them out for a set of STT’s you may notice a bit of an increase in noise, but not much. Exchanging an increase in road noise for superior road handling on snow, ice, and rain drenched pavement should be a no brainer.

5. Fuel Economy and Value

This is a work horse of a combo tire for both on and off road driving. So since its on road drive-ability is so highly rated, what about the fuel economy? To be honest, expect to take a small hit at the pumps if you drive these tires for day to day commutes, and other activities of daily living, like shopping or dropping the kids off to school, due to their weight and aggressive tread design.

These tires are built for those who choose to drive down the unbeaten paths, explore and smash through mud and dirt trails like the Badger Valley Loop in Nevada. Whether you are a weekend warrior, casual camper or enjoy occasional trips to the beach, and drive to the store on Monday, we think you’ll find that these tires are well worth their price tag. This is a tire that is as comfortable in offroad competitions as it is on the pavement.

6. Discoverer Durability

If one thing says durability, it’s the ability of a mud tire to handle the tough conditions of off road competitions. For instance, championship off road driver Jerett Brooks decided to use the STT as his tire of choice at one time. Indeed, this tire is built tough to handle the demands from the uncompromising outdoor driver, and it does this by way of their own, unique technologies.

Coopers own Armor-Tek3 buttresses up to the sidewall and tread, guaranteeing you at least 50 percent more protection than you would have with standard, 2 ply tires. Armor-Tek3 is composed of 2 radial polyester plies, with another angled ply which gives you the tough, 3 ply construction.

Designers have also developed a resilient, advanced chemically-coupled silica tread compound which resists against road damage such as cuts and tears. They took this compound and using CAD, created the aggressive, non-directional tread pattern that you see, which also gives you a longer tread life.

Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Armor-Tek3 Carcass Construction
  • Flex Groove Technology for a smooth ride
  • 3-2 inner tread design for handling and grip
  • Tires made entirely in the USA
  • Self cleaning due to Anti-Stone Retention and Mud Release Dimples
  • Noise level may increase as the tire tread wears down

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I live in Florida. This is an extreme tire, the tread is very aggressive, how will it handle on smooth/soft surfaces? – There is no reason this tire will not work in your climate. This is built to be a mud tire, and even though you do not experience icy, snowy weather, you’ll find it quite useful in the wet rains and moving over sand. As for pavement, it will give you an exceptionally smooth ride.

I am new to SUV’s and still have my factory tires on. If I purchase a set of the STT’s, will I still need the added expense of snow tires? – Absolutely not, these tires will provide you with reliable, year round service. In fact, when you look at it from an economic standpoint, purchasing a set of STT’s will save you money in the long run.

You will not need to purchase snow tires, and as customers have stated that they often get as much as 60,000 miles from their STT’s, which saves you from changing out your tires compared to another brand with lower tread life.

Is it really necessary to inspect my tires? – Yes, it is very necessary, especially after you’ve come off of a rough trail. While it is important to check the sidewalls and examine the tire for excessive chunking, don’t forget the tread voids.

Remember, when you pay for an exceptional tire, like the STT Pro, you are paying for tread design and performance. If you allow the voids to remain packed with mud, debris, you are actually defeating the purpose of owning them, as you want the voids clean so they can do their work.

The Final Words (Summary)

As you can see with our Cooper STT Pro Tires Reviews, the tough, durable, self-cleaning Cooper Discoverer STT is by far, one of the best MT tires on the market today, and totally made for the off-road adventurer in mind, if you love to drive off the beaten path and are not afraid of getting your SUV dirty, yes, by all means, this is the tire for you.

Drive through the muck and dirt of backwoods trails with ease of mind due to the Armor-Tek3 Carcass Construction, flex groove technology and traction provided by the inner tread 3-2 alternating pattern. These tires are made right here, in the USA and offer you the absolute best in off world driving experience.

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