E3 Spark Plug Reviewed in 2021

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E3 stands for Energy, Efficiency, and Ecology, and this spark plug is made specifically with the 3 E’s in mind, with each plug having the ability to burst power, save you fuel expenses, and accomplish these while being environmentally friendly. Even if you are not a ‘car geek’, you know how important it is to have clean and functioning spark plugs in your vehicle in order to keep your engine’s performance top notch.

While there are many variables involved in an engine’s performance, having excellent spark plugs helps you reach ultimate engine performance, fuel efficiency. In our E3 spark plug review, you’ll become familiar with the benefits this spark plug can offer you, in easy to understand language.

All Models of E3 Spark Plugs

RankProduct BrandModelCheck Details
1.E3 Spark PlugsE3.34
2.E3 Spark PlugsE3.36
3.E3 Spark PlugsE3.38
4.E3 Spark PlugsE3.32
5.E3 Spark PlugsE3.12
6.E3 Spark PlugsE3.68

E3 Spark Plugs Reviewed With Features

E3 is constantly researching and developing new ways to blend the newest technologies and materials to create the best spark plug on the market. The E3 E3.36 is exceptional for your powersport applications meaning your boating, all terrain vehicle and motorcycle, and moped needs.

This spark plug is most often used for V-Twin motorcycle engines such as Harley Davidson Dyna Defender, Softtail, Touring Electra Glide, and Buell models including the Firebelt, Lightning, Thunderbolt, and Ulysses.

It is the first choice for Suzuki, Tohatsu and Yamaha outboard motors, All Terrain Vehicles such as certain makes and models of the Arctic Cat, Kawasaki, Honda and Polaris, as well as fitting well with the Yamaha XC 180 Riva.

1. What is diamondFire?

E3’s DiamondFire design of the E3 spark plugs ensures that your spark plug will have a nice, long life and it accomplishes this without using special metals. This is due to the shape of E3’s electrode, which creates more surface area for the spark with reduced wear and tear.

E3 Spark Plug
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As a result, this spark plug uses an efficient, edge to edge method of discharge which produces a solid flame kernel for fast and quick fuel combustion. As a result, it will increase engine power 8 to 12 percent more than its closest competitors, while reducing fuel consumption by 13 percent.

2. Designed to be environmentally friendly

Due to the DiamondFire design and patented Edge-to-Edge Technology means you’ll get better overall performance. The result of using the E3 spark plug is a clean and more fuel efficient engine and a reduction in toxic emissions up to 58 percent.

According to the EPA this is superb in controlling greenhouse gases HC and CO emissions, two major contributors to air pollution and ozone depletion as the leftover air/fuel mix is burned up righ then and there, instead of heading out through your vehicle’s exhaust system. All in all, this is a fantastic spark plug with regards to saving money at the pump, maintaining high performance, environmentally friendly engine.

3. How they work in your engine

To put it simply a spark plugs job is to deliver the exact amount of ‘spark’ to ignite the fuel at just the right time. Spark plug design has been pretty standard among the different brands for many years. Many models used the “J-Wire” type electrode.

E3 Spark Plugs
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However, E3 decided to find another way, and that was the DiamondFire way. The Patented DiamondFire ground electrode was created to efficiently burn fuel cleanly and completely and accomplishes this with its diamond shaped electrode, which gives you a much bigger flame than many competitors.

E3 designed their flame kernel to directly approach the engines inflowing fuel and air mix. This direct approach is what gives you the improved burn time and reduction of unburned fuel. In the end, your E3 plug will burn much hotter than the competitions traditional spark plugs.

4. Materials and specifications for E3.36 spark plug

The E3 plug’s Edge to Edge design means you will be able to get your vehicle up and running in any weather while cutting down on filthy carbon deposits to help create a healthy, clean engine. In order to give you these benefits, this spark plug must be made from the top of the line materials such as copper and nickel to increase the years of service it offers your vehicle.

Insulator type is projected, spark plug thread size is 12 mm with a thread reach of .750 inches, with a gasket style seat, and wrench diameter or hex size is 5/8 inches. The electrode core is copper with an electrode tip of a nickel alloy. Installation is quite simple, just open the box, read the instructions and precautions and bolt them in as soon as you are ready.

Pros & Cons of this Product

  • State-of-the-art DiamondFire electrode design
  • Faster burn, improved power
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Eco-friendly, reduction in greenhouse gases
  • Extended engine life
  • These plugs are vehicle specific, so make sure you check to see if they work, before you buy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does the company back up the product? 

This spark plug is guaranteed to improve your fuel efficiency, power and make certain you have quick, rapid starts. The E3 spark plug is also guaranteed to be in perfect condition upon purchase, perfect in both materials and craftsmanship. These conditions are for a period of 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever come first, from the date of purchase, not installation.

2. What does it mean when they say the E3 spark plug has open architecture? 

This means that the E3 is different from its competitors in that the strap over the electrode is open. This open architecture accommodates the flame to aim toward the center of the cylinder. In this case, the flame is directly hitting the area with the most fuel present, the center, so you get that rapid delivery, quick startup upon ignition.

3. Do these spark plugs resist corrosion? 

No one relishes the idea of having to change out their spark plugs frequently, and one way to prevent that is to ensure they are rust resistant. The E3 spark plug is designed to reduce corrosion. They do this by having a triple-plated shell for protection and a nickel-plated terminal end.

4. As a biker, will the E3.36 help reduce or eliminate bog? 

Bog’ references what happens when you hit your throttle, but end up getting no response. Bog kills all the fun, as you don’t get to feel the thrill of acceleration. E3 eliminates bog simply by providing a complete and cleaner burn. A clean burn results in less filthy carbon investing internal engine components. Using the E3 in your bike means your engine stays cleaner, and starts are quick and fast.

The Final Words (Summary)

The E3 spark plug, is designed for power-sports applications, which men it is the best choice for many motorcycles, outboard motors and even mopeds. If you own a Harley Davidson with a V-Twin, chances are this plug will dramatically improve your performance.

The patented DiamondFire ground electrode ensures you’ll get accurate and rapid energy delivery. For the environmentally conscious this plug is specifically designed to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions over the long term while increasing fuel efficiency. In the end, as you can see from our E3 spark plug review you’ll achieve outstanding performance as well as contribute to a cleaner environment.

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    1. they dont work in any small engine. they are a gimmick. they shroud they spark rather than leaving it exposed to the fuel charge.

  1. these are just gimmicks, positive posts and reviews done by sellers and manufacturers to sell a product. the fact is these plugs shroud the spark from the fuel charge, also electricity follows the path of least resistance, which means it will arc to the shortest distance each time. this can be anywhere on the outside electrode. they do not do anything to improve spark. they never or rarely work in small engines at all. whenever i come across one i simply throw it away and replace with factory spec plugs. usually NGK or Bosch. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! they do nothing to help.

  2. No actual testing done here, just repeating the manufacturer’s marketing fluff and some opinion. What kind of “Lab” does no testing? Very disappointing…

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