Firestone Destination Le2 Reviewed In 2021

Welcome to our Firestone Destination LE2 review, let’s get started to see just what it is that makes this tire so exceptional. The Firestone Destination LE2 is a light truck, an all-season tire which takes over where the LE left off.

Firestone’s team of engineers worked diligently to build improvements on an already perfect design, a design directed at providing you with excellent handling on wet or dry roads and light snow.

This is an affordable, fuel-efficient tire that incorporates advanced tread compounds, sound reduction technology, and optimized footprint technology to give you a comfortable, quiet tire with great street handling and steering response.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Firestone Destination Le2

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Firestone Destination Le2 Reviewed

1. How Does it Handle?

Consumer Reports gave the Firestone LE2 high marks for its ability to handle well in dry and wet conditions as well as high marks for comfort, and tread life.

Firestone Destination Le2
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Drivers have found that this tire offers you precise handling, braking, superb steering response and has tested quite well on taking curves and sharp corners with ease and stability,

and some drivers say that because the tread absorbs minor bumps and dips in the road, they feel as if they are riding on high-performance passenger tires.

However, even though the LE2 has a UTQG traction rating of ‘A’, it’s not really built for heavy, wet snow or icy roads but due to its cross grooves, can perform reasonably well in light snowy conditions, but it does shine in wet road conditions.

2. Firestone’s LE2 Tread Design

The LE2’s tread design is defined as an all-season light truck tire conceived for vehicles such as the GMC Sierra, Dodge Dakota, Ford F150, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee, among others.

Their engineers developed an Optimized Footprint Technology, that would keep the tires in constant contact with the terrain while giving you a quiet, comfortable ride in dry, wet and light snow.

This tire gives an excellent grip on wet roads with little or no hydroplaning due to the zig-zag sipes, circumferential and sweeping tread grooves. Firestone uses an advanced silica light truck compound for its symmetrical tread pattern which can handle anything but heavy snows and ice.

3. Highway Noise

Always a major consideration for many people is the amount of road noise you get from tires, especially if you are a frequent driver or make long commutes. Fans of its predecessor, the Destination LE will be happy to know that they’ve lowered the road noise on the pavement, considerably.

Firestone’s designers established a 5 Degree Noise Reduction Technology for this tire which involves noise-canceling sound waves. However, there are some drivers who note that while they are basically quite, once you hit speeds of over 50 mph, the sound can escalate a bit.

4. Fuel Economy and Value

This all-season light truck tire is actually ok when it comes to fuel economy, so if you are replacing your OEM tires with the LE2, you’ll definitely see an increase in mileage and savings at the pump. This is due to its lightweight, and the silica-based tread compound which has been formulated to increase in fuel economy by reducing rolling resistance.

As far as value goes, these are considered affordable tires which delivery excellence in performance for the price. The LE2 is also considered an environmentally friendly tire, with great pains taken to ensure its production and performance do not negatively impact the environment.

5. Durability

To prevent uneven wear of your tire tread, the LE2 has notched shoulder blocks with continuous ribs, which also give you traction during the dry seasons. The LE2 is a steel belted radial tire, which means that inside it has 2 steel belts beneath the tread, which lie atop a poly cord body contributing to the overall durability and stable handling of the tire.

Firestone Destination Le2 Review
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These belts are further strengthened with nylon to provide added durability and offers added protection against punctures. The nylon actually wraps around the entire tire in a spiral direction, which ensures that your tire will not lose its form over time.

Pros & Cons of this Product

  • 5 degree of noise reduction
  • All-season tread design gives excellent dry, wet handing
  • Steel belted with nylon spiral wrap to resist punctures and retain shape
  • Long lasting tread life
  • Optimized Footprint Technology
  • Not meant for heavy snow

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How should individuals who live in colder climates like Minnesota care for the LE2 tires when they are stored away for the winter? 

The best place to store your Firestone LE2 tires during winter is a nice, dark area of your garage where they are kept free from sunlight and are nowhere near any time of harsh chemicals such as oils, paint solvents, or anything else which would harm or weaken your tires.

2. What steps can I take to prolong the life of my LE2’s? 

While the Firestone LE2 is a superb example of affordable, dependable tire construction, there are some steps to take to make sure it serves you for many miles to come. First, get in the habit of checking your LE2’s tire pressure, remember that a tire which is not properly inflated affects your mileage and handling.

Examine both your tread and sidewall for scrapes, tears or punctures, never forgetting that the side wall is one of the most sensitive parts of your tire. Finally, take your care to a certified mechanic to have the tires rotated and properly aligned.

3. Can I use the LE2 for my trailer? 

When considering using the LE2 for your trailer, you are responsible for knowing the weight and respecting the load capacity of the LE2 tire. Any tire that is overloaded is in danger of overheating and direct damage. Only purchase tires that are recommended by the manufacturer of your trailer, if you have questions, please contact them directly.

The Final Words (Summary)

We hope you enjoyed our Firestone Destination LE2 Review. Firestone’s Highway All-Season light truck tire, is perfect for drivers of light-duty pickups, vans, crossovers, and sport utility vehicles who simply want a good quality tire to handle daily commutes and regular day to day driving.

It is designed to combine long wear, a comfortable ride and all-season traction, even in light snow. Firestone’s own 5 Degree Noise Reduction technology and Optimized Footprint Technology make sure that your commute is a comfortable, quite and stable. Long tread life, excellent traction in dry and wet conditions and a quiet ride make this affordable radial an fabulous choice for you and your family.

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