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Do you have a rather ‘spirited’ driving style, one that likes to take a huge chunk out of an off-road trail, but is not sure what type of tires to purchase? If you are searching for that perfect set of affordable ATM tires that will give you a nice, sticky grip in all road conditions, controlled, precise road feedback, responsive handling, along with offering you a comfortable and quiet ride, then take a look at the Hankook DynaPro All Terrain Mud tire.

As you’ll see after reading our Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Review, the RF10 was specifically designed for high powered, light trucks, and its aggressive tread pattern ensures good, consistent traction for a quiet, uniform and secure ride.

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Hankook Dynapro ATM Reviews & Features

Superior All-Terrain Handling with the RF10

The engineers at wanted to create a tire that would be comfortable both on-road daily commutes and off-road adventures, and the fans of this tire heartily agree. Handling on the pavement is tight both on straightaways, curves, and cornering. These tires handle extremely well on wet roads, and the zig-zag pattern on the edge of the tire helps you get that extreme grip on icy roads.

Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10
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Do you see yourself on a rocky trail, feeling the thick rubber of your tires flex in response to the terrain, hugging the turf? Well, if so you are in luck because that is just one of the things the Hankook RF10 does best.

This tire scores very highly with customers on traction for wet, dry, icy conditions as well as hydroplaning resistance. Steering responsiveness, ride comfort, and cornering stability are also high points of this tire.

Tread Design to Tackle the Toughest Conditions

The RF10 is an M + S rated radial tire with a non-directional stepped and angled tread to give you the grip and stick you’ve been waiting for in a light truck tire. What gives the Hankook all-terrain RF10 tires an edge is their wide footprint, around 8 percent wider than most of their competitors.

Taking a look at the RF10, we can see the deep, jagged pattern which is designed to reduce heat and increase tread longevity. With a tread depth of 16/32 inches, you are guaranteed traction in wet road conditions, with the multi-depth siping helping against hydroplaning.

Looking at the tread blocks, notice the scalloped grooves, these are what help you keep your grip on challenging off-road trails, while the angled side tread blocks work to help evacuate mud and give added traction when cornering.


The RF10 is available in wheel sizes 15 to 22 inches, 45 to 85 series aspect ratios and R, S and T speed ratings. When looking to purchase this tire, its good to remember that the Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 fits a good variety of makes and models, including Dodge Ram, GMC Yukon, Nissan Armada, and Toyota 4Runner, but comes with some differences in type and warranty.

The following benefits are available only for P-metric size tire, and exclude light truck sizes: Uniform Tire Quality Grading of 560 AB, a limited treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles, and road hazard warranty.

The Tire that Pays for Itself

The Hankook RF10 is a surprisingly affordable tire for all of the benefits obtained from it, from its mastery of tough unforgiving trails to its ability to quickly accelerate on highway pavement. With the RF10, you’ll be saving cash at the bank as chances are you won’t have to bother switching out your tires for the snowy winter season or spending money on tire chains.

Hankook DynaPro ATM Tire
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The RF10 has no problem handling snow, with some drivers reporting that they can easily plow through 7 to 8 inches of the stuff with ease. So when you think of it, when you purchase a set of these tires, you not only get an all-terrain tire to take you camping or for a drive down to the beach, but also get one that services your needs all year long.

Tough, Durable Steel Belted Radial Traction

This is a radial all-terrain mud tire, which means it’s internal construction consists of a high-strength steel belt, reinforced with nylon which gives you added durability, helps the tire keep its form over time, and increases steering stability. The tiered side grooves help keep your tire tread healthy and functioning by preventing small stones from being lodged in your RF10. Sidewalls are a tender spot for many tires, but the RF10’s are constructed of a hefty gauge rubber wraparound tread.

The wraparound side lugs are designed to protect the sidewalls from damaging scrapes, punctures and cuts as you take in the rocky terrain and also helps the tire to keep its form in case it loses a bit of air. These tires are so tough, that some drivers have driven these tires to the point of maxing out their weight capability and still report Sturdy and secure handling. The entire tire is abrasion resistant.

Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Handles all road conditions and terrain, as well as mud
  • Excels in steering response
  • Quite and smooth ride on pavement
  • Deep siping keeps traction as tires age
  • Superb value for the money
  • Corning could be improved with a more rigid sidewall construction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it really important that I pay attention to weight, or can I fudge it?  

Yes. No matter how tough a tire is listed, it is still important to pay attention to its load capabilities, as going over the maximum allotted weight can not only damage your expensive tires, but also result in blowouts, and that is not something you want happening on an isolated off-road trail.

2. How will these tires react to potholes, can I just go right over them? 

That is not a good idea. While the RF10 is an EXCEPTIONALLY aggressive tire, with thick rubber sidewalls and a tough tread, it is not a good idea to smack into potholes. Even if your tires suffer no abrasion or punctures, you may slam your tires alignment out of kilter. If traffic is heavy and you’ve no choice, simply slow down and hit it as gently as possible.

3. What is my PSI and how can I check it?

 PSI means per square inch and is how your tire pressure is measured. Measuring your RF10’s pressure is simple, just purchase a standard tire pressure gauge. Take the top cap off of your valve stem and place the gauge on the stem which will give you your reading. Your PSI will depend on the size of RF10’s you have, so always check to make sure as either over or under inflated tires can cause issues.

The Final Words (Summary)

There you have it, according to our Hankook DynaPro ATM review, the RF10 is a stunning, aggressive all-terrain mud tire that can handle wet, dry, snowy road conditions, as well as run quietly on the pavement. If you are searching for a tire that can service you all year long, has a long tread life, high performance handling as well as being on the economic side, then we think this is an excellent option or you to look into. With savings on winter tires and snow chains, these tires can almost pay for themselves, add to their thick rubber sidewalls, aggressive tread and steel belted, nylon reinforced construction, and you have one of the top tires on the market.

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