How to Charge a Diesel Truck with 2 Batteries?

There are times when the battery in your diesel truck can go low to an extent where it can’t start the truck until it is recharged. It is normal for most batteries to discharge if you can leave the car in a parked position for long.

How to Charge a Diesel Truck with 2 Batteries?

When the truck drivers, the battery will keep recharging via the alternator. It is a different case if you leave the truck parked for long. Here are some of the steps you can follow to recharge dual batteries in a diesel truck:

Steps to Follow

Disconnect the battery from the truck

You need to disconnect the batteries from the truck before you can start recharging them. It is easy, take a wrench and pop the hood to locate the battery. After you have located the battery, you will have to disconnect the terminals from the two batteries.

Connect the battery to a charger

You will have to connect the positive terminal of the battery to the positive terminal of the charger. It is denoted by the color red. After you have connected the sportive terminal to the positive terminal, you should then proceed to connect the negative terminal to the negative terminal of the charger. Connect all the batters to the charger. You can use a clip to make the connection tight.

Connect the battery to a charger

Start the charger

You will then have to set the charger at a low amperage charge. The connection should remain intact for about two hours for the batteries to charge. Most chargers will charger the battery under two hours.

Test the battery

To know whether the battery has been fully charged, you need to connect to your truck and try to start. It should start if the charge is sufficient. If there are still problems, then let the charger recharge them for an extra hour.

Test the battery

Reconnect the batteries

If the charge of sufficient, you need to reinstall the batteries onto your truck ready for the road. Start with the negative terminal then finish with the positive terminal.

The Final Words (Summary)

The above are the simple steps you can take to recharge your diesel truck batteries. It is an easy process you can follow. First, you need to ensure you have a charger for the process to run smoothly.

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