How to Use a Car Jack?

How to Use a Car Jack?

Car jacks are widely applied within the automotive industry to assist in performing a variety of tasks. Jacks are usually easy to use; however, whether you are a beginner or a professional in the field, care must always be taken to prevent any accidents in the working area. Therefore, it is vital that you understand how to properly use your car jack when the need arises, and below are some of the guidelines to consider.

A Guideline on How to Safely Use a Car Jack

1. Preparations

This is usually the first and important step in the process of jacking up a vehicle. You need to ensure that certain safety precautions are followed to the latter, and all the necessary equipment is available and properly assembled. For instance, you will need to ensure that;

  • You can access a properly working car jack and stands that are appropriately assembled and with no leaks or defects.
  • You will also need to park your car on a hard flat surface to prevent the car from slipping or rolling off.
  • You will further need to chock the wheels by placing blocks on either side to secure it in a specific position further.
  • Finally, you should also ensure that the car is switched off with the transmission in “P” mode and the handbrake engaged.

After adhering to the above conditions, you are now ready to advance to the next step in the process.

2. Locating the jack point

These are specific points along with the vehicle’s frame specially designed by car manufacturers to jack up cars. These spots are always easy to locate since most of them are always placed immediately behind the front wheels and in front of the back wheels, while some are always located centrally between the front and rear bumpers. Additionally, the manufacturer’s manuals always indicate the said locations in the car. Failure to locate these jack points and lifting the car somewhere else might prove disastrous as it could damage the car frame due to the car’s heavyweight.

Locating the jack point

3. Positioning the car jack

In this step, you will slide your car jack underneath the car just directly below the jack point while ensuring that the car jack is properly situated with the saddle facing up towards the jack point and the wider base on the ground.

Then, depending on the car jack type, you will start to slowly raise the car jack saddle while adjusting its position until it is in direct contact with the jack point on the car frame.

4. Vehicle off the ground lift up

After the jack contacts the jack point on the vehicle’s underside, you will continue to raise it depending on the type. At this point, the lifting process will become slightly harder; however, you should keep at it until the tires of the vehicle start to leave the ground. From this point forward, pay close attention to the car jack’s condition to make sure that it does not slip out of position. Continually raise the car to a certain height level that is comfortable for your operations.

Vehicle off the ground lift up

5. Securing the vehicle

This step entails securing of the vehicle at the previously reached height level using jack stands. You will thus safely slip the jack stands underneath the car immediately beside the carjacks at the jack points. This will be followed by raising of the jack stands until they are nearly touching the frame then slowly lower the car by lowering the car jack as per the user guide until the car steadily rests on the jack stands. Continually lower the car jack to ensure that it is not exposed to the pressure exerted by the load as this could damage it.

You will then shake the car a little to ensure that the jack stands are properly holding in place before starting to work on the tires or underneath the vehicle. Failure to adhere to these guidelines might result in imbalance leading to the falling of the car off from the jack stands crushing anything below it.

6. Lowering the car back down

At this point, you should be done with your repairs. You will thus raise the car again using the car jack to a height level where the jack stands are free. Then slowly remove the jack stands from underneath the vehicle and start lowering the vehicle with the car jack until the saddle is free from the jack point. You may then remove your car jack from underneath the vehicle and safely store it for next time use.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

The steps elaborated above shows how simple it is to use the carjacks. However, they should be adhered to keenly to ensure that you do not accidentally injure yourself or damage your car in the process. Therefore, you should strive to master and properly comprehend these guidelines as they may assist you when you need to jack up your car in emergencies.

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