Nitto Trail Grappler Reviewed In 2021

Looking to get a little dirty this weekend, planning to hit the The Rolls OHV Area in Arizona? Then let the Nitto Trail Grappler carry you on your way, as these tires are engineered for those that like to take a huge chunk out of the wilderness, taking their light truck or SUV out for a little spin off road style.

Due to their scientifically researched tread design, the Grappler will gladly provide you with a comfortable, smooth ride on pavement, all without sacrificing your passion to seriously hit those back country trails on weekends.

After reading our Nitto Trail Grappler M/T Review below you’ll understand the perks of owning this aggressively performing mud tire, which provides you with stable pavement handling and a quieter ride.

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Nitto Trail Grappler Reviews & Features

1. Superb All-Terrain Handling

The Nitto Trail Grappler will take your input and return you with a responsive, stable and enjoyable ride over gravel, loose dirt and through cascading piles of mud and muck, yet when you need to corner quickly you’ll find it has the cornering ability of high performance street tires.

Nitto Trail Grappler
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This mud terrain tire has been engineered just for those of you who need a somewhat aggressive mud terrain tire to tackle the logging trails on the weekend, yet be able to handle the everyday highway commute with ease and comfort.

In fact, Nitto engineered the Grappler to ensure that the tread block design kept the lugs nipping at the terrain continuously, so precise handling through wet and dry conditions is maintained.

2. The Unique Grappler Tread Design

The engineers at Nitto tire used state of the art technology when they designed their tread blocks. Using 3D software such as CAD, they were able to develop tread blocks that allow you to drive on snow, mud and loose dirt while keeping a solid grip on the pavement.

Their tread design goes deep with the sipes and lateral voids to keep you from hydroplaning as you tackle driving through that thunderstorm, while the tread void ratio evacuates mud as you ride the trails. If you look closely at the tire, you’ll see reinforced shoulder grooves and a 3D tapered groove which is responsible for the biting edges which keep you on point.

3. Street Noise

There’s no way around it, the topic of noise reduction often ranks high with drivers and their families. The Grappler deals with this by providing you with an aggressive tread pattern that supplies you with the off road traction you need, while not sacrificing a nice, quiet ride when you hit the pavement.

Nitto Trail Grappler
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It does this by creating a pitch cancellation, inverting the road noise and in doing so, shuts them out. In fact, the designers at Nitto actually employed the use of advanced sound analysis equipment and 3D computer simulation.

In this way, the researchers were able to manipulate the tread blocks in a virtual reality setting to help create this effect. The resulting reduced noise design also came with some surprising benefits, such as a longer tread life and reduced rolling resistance.

4. Durability

Given the fact that you are planning on taking this tire through some of the harshest terrains out there, and doing it for enjoyment, you expect the Grappler to be tough, resilient, and resistant to punctures, which it is. The Grappler is a steel belted radial tire, with 2 steel belts and thick rubber construction, which gives you the confidence you need when slashing through the brush.

Side walls are the most vulnerable part of any tire and can be extremely sensitive to impact damage, punctures, and cuts, so the engineers at Nitto created one of the toughest and useful sidewall designs for any mud terrain tire. Toughness is increased by the addition of a 3 ply polyester sidewall with a high turn-up construction, which also protects against cuts, slashes, and punctures.

5. Fuel Economy and Value

The Nitto Trail Grappler is a heavy tire, probably weighs much more than your out of factory OEM tire. As a result, it will probably hit you at the pump due to the aggressive tread design and weight which will increase your rolling resistance, especially after a long weekend of hitting the trails.

Nitto Trail Grappler Review
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However, it all balances out financially because as you may spend more at the pump, you will save big in the long run not having to purchase separate tires for different seasons or switch out your tires for a new set that often. Always remember, the more advanced and capable your tires not only means better handling but fewer trips to the mechanic as well.

Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Quiet ride on pavement
  • A tough, durable sidewall of 3 ply polyester
  • Scientifically engineered tread void ratio for better grip and reduced hydroplaning
  • Self-cleaning, mud is instantly evacuated, keeping your threads clean
  • Superior in taking in corners and curves
  • Not as good on ice as it could be

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I noticed in the reviews that drivers often stated their Grapplers got up to 60,000 of mileage use on road and off road. Is there a trick to this?

No trick at all, just common sense. These tires are built to take impact, hits from sharp objects all while retaining their tread life and vitality. To secure this, we recommend that you rotate your Grapplers every 3500 to 5000 miles. We cannot stress the connection between frequently rotating your tires and their lifespan.

2. How important is it that I check my offroad tire inflation?

Very important! If your tire is not properly inflated, you risk losing your ability to handle your vehicle across trails, as it is the air which inflates the tire that carries you across those trails and highway pavement. Tire inflation affects your mileage, braking, and overall handling. If you choose to air down your off road tires for trails, please seek expert advice for a certified mechanic or expert off road drivers for the proper method for your vehicle.

3. I’m new to all of this off-road tire talk, what is a tread void and is it important? 

Welcome to the world of off-road tires! Now take a look at the Grappler, the tread block is what we refer to as the part of the rubber that meets the road, and the spaces in between, those are the voids. Both the tread block and tread voids work together to give you the grip you need while evacuating water and mud through the voids.

The Final Words (Summary)

The above Nitto Trail Grappler Review gave us a glimpse into this strong, durable and dependable off road tire. The Nitto Trail Grappler will astonish you with its tough and resilient 3 ply polyester sidewall design, 3D tapered groove treads with dug in center sipes which move the water on through, so if you live in a wet climate, or simply like to take a chunk out of some slush, sit back and let the Grappler do the work for you.

Self cleaning treads with stone ejector technology, to ensure your treads don’t suffer blockage from pebbles, small stones or mud, and you’ll definitely love these tires and their Z groove tread and 3D tapered groove tread help you to get a good and solid hold on the trails.

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