Winplus Car Jump Start Review In 2021

No one wants to be stranded in a pitch dark parking lot at night or stuck on a country road in the freezing snow and rain. However, if our cars lose battery power, that is exactly what can happen, and when that does happen they will need a jump start in order to get the battery able to run again.

It’s for times like these, that an all in one charger, such as the Winplus Car Jump Start and Portable Power Bank, can mean the difference between camping out at night in your car or getting yourself back home for a nice, hot cup of coffee. Below, we take a good, hard look at an affordable and dependable battery charger in our Winplus Car Jump Start Review.

You may choose this Winplus Car Jump Start & Portable Power Bank for the following Specification:

  • High Output UL certified Jump Starter with Smart cable protection.
  • Heavy duty Aluminum case
  • 2 USB Ports for Fast Charging of Mobile Devices (2.1 A + 1.0 A)
  • 8000mAh High Capacity Power Bank
  • Recharges up to 1000 times
  • 3 Mode Flashlights

Compact, Light Jump Starter Kit

If you are looking for a reliable and dependable product that will be able to give you the perfect jump start the first time, and every time, then take a closer look at the Winplus Jump Start and Portable Power Bank. This portable jump start kit has everything that you will need, including a convenient, storage pouch, to get your vehicle up and rolling on again.

Designed and built to be light and compact, easy to tote from vehicle to vehicle, the dimensions are 5.43 x 3.03 x 1.06 inches and weigh in at a very light, .79 pounds. Indeed, portability is one of the selling points as it can be easily stowed away, out of sight and mind, until it is needed.

Complete Kit and Easy to Charge

No need to fret if you are not a car geek, as this charger is not only easy to operate but they give you everything you will need in this kit to get the task done including the jump start power bank, 3 in 1 mobile phone device charging cable, AC power adapter, jumper cable and an easy to understand user manual.

Winplus Car Jump Start Review 2018
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In order to charge your Winplus, you can either charge it in your car or while you are home. At home, simply take the AC adapter and plug it into any 120-volt outlet.

Next, take the DC plug and connect it to the 12 volt 1A input port on your Power Bank. If you are in the car it’s just as simple, just plug the 12-volt car adapter into the 12-volt socket, and take the DC plug and hook it to the 12 volt 1A input port on the Power Bank.

Charges Your Mobile Devices

Winplus is known as an all in one charger, so it not only handles the job of jump-starting your vehicle but is also quite handy when it comes to giving your mobile devices a quick charge up as well. Any device that you own, that is a USB powered device can be hooked up to the Winplus and charged, as it comes with 2 USB ports, where you will plug in your charging cable, 2.1A fast charging or 1A.

The Winplus is designed with the ability to automatically charge your device as well, and the power level indicator lights assist you in assessing the capacity of your portable power bank. For instance, if your indicator light flashes, you have zero power, 1 solid light is 25 percent, 2 solid lights are 50 percent, 3 solid lights are 75 percent and when you get 4 solid indicator lights, you have achieved full battery power capacity.

Basic Features

Basic features of this portable jump start kit are simple, no-frills features and include a heavy-duty, brushed aluminum case, an 8000 mAh high capacity power bank, and a 3 mode, LED flashlight. When stranded on a dark road, a flashlight comes in handy, and this easy to use LED flashlight gives you access to three modes of operation: Strobe, SOS, and on, all of which are extremely useful in such situations.

Pros & Cons of this Winplus Jump Starter
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The Winplus also comes with high output UL certified jump starter, and smart cable has built-in polarity protection, car lighter adapter, with outputs for this device including 2 USB ports, a 5 volt 2A, and a 12 volt for car jump starter. Charging time will vary, but the average time is 3 hours, and the entire unit is designed to handle a lifetimes worth of up to 1000 recharges.

Ease of Use

For anyone out there who is concerned about how easy it is to use the Winplus, you can rest assured that being a mechanical expert is not necessary. In a nutshell, you will be simply following the instructions in the manual and connect the battery clamps of the jump starter to your battery terminals that are free from dust, rust, dirt, and grime. Check to see that you have followed directions to the letter, and start your vehicle. If your car starts, simply remove the cables.

Pros & Cons of  Winplus Jump Starter

    Pros of the Product

  • Charges car in 3 hours
  • 2 USB ports for mobile devices
  • Easy to use
  • Has a 3 mode USB flashlight

     Cons of the Product

  • Product cannot be used in wet or rainy conditions

How to Get the Most Out of your Winplus Portable Jump Starter Kit

While our Winplus Car Jump Start Review gave a good background into the product, there are a few basic, common-sense tips that can help you get the most out of its use. First and foremost, if your engine dies after it has been fully charged by the Winplus realize that this is due to faults within your car’s own charging system.

So it is always important that you have your vehicle undergo a full maintenance check with a trusted mechanic in order to make sure that you do not have a bad alternator, wiring issues, or damaged voltage regulator, all of which can have a negative effect on how your car battery holds a charge. When connecting never take the red clamp and black clamp, and try to connect them at the same time. Whenever working on your car’s battery, please use protective safety glasses and gloves.

Winplus Car Jump Start Review
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Check the state of your batteries connectors, as the charger may not work properly if your battery connectors are filthy, so make sure they are clean, with no rust, dust or debris. Always check to see that the blue plug is connected to the jump start socket on the Power Bank, located beneath the black cover, and never ever lean over the battery when you are connecting the cables.

Finally, always have your cars vehicle care and maintenance guide nearby. This is important in the instance when you realize that your car’s battery does not seem to be in an accessible area. Your vehicle guide should tell you exactly where and how to access the connectors.

Wrap Up (Summary)

As you can see from our Winplus Car Jump Start Review, this is a handy, lightweight and compact, all in one charger. This all in one charger also as 2 USB ports, which are necessary to keep your portable mobile devices charged when you are on the road.

It has a high output UL certified jump starter and smart cable protection, heavy duty aluminum case, an 8000 mAh high capacity power bank, 3 mode flashlights and can be charged up to 1000 times in its lifetime. This is a great choice for a traveler as it not only is compact, but can also charge up your mobile devices as well.

36 thoughts on “Winplus Car Jump Start Review In 2021”

  1. I’ve attempted to use mine twice. It would not start two different vehicles. I’m glad I purchased mine at Costco for a easy return. I’ll be returning three in total. We need something that is reliable. I do not recommend this product at this point. The price should have been an indicator and my gut told me better.

  2. I have charged my battery 3 times , now even with 4 solid blue Led lights it tells me it doesn’t have enough charge to start

    1. Thanks for your comment. You should contact to the seller. He may change the battery or give you the solutions of this issue.

  3. Good afternoon, we just purchased and am charging for the 1st time. Once fully charged how long is its shelf life maintaining a full charge when stored in the vehicle?

    Thank you for your time and happy easter

  4. Can WinPlus start an engine that has a starting system but no battery? I have a generator that needs battery power to start. I generally use my truck to start it. I see that the Red green indicator lites say OK charging when the jump clamps are plugged into the system.

      1. I only used my winplus to charge my phones and it was doing great, However when I tried to charge it numerous times , even overnight it has never gone over 1/4 of circle and when the charger is removed, it becomes dead again.

  5. Unfortunately the WinPlus must be charged about every to weeks to maintain an optimum charge. Have only used mine once to start the car but it is useless after several weeks of just sitting.

  6. Tried to jump start depleted battery on Honda Odyssey. Indicator lights showing 4 solid………fully charged.
    Will not jump start car Status light red flashing…….green light off and beeping sound.
    Any. Idea what the problem may be.

  7. My Unit will only charge one light. Can I send this back to factory and if so what is the address and phone number I can talk to someone.

  8. Sandra Mitchell

    My winplus car jump start quick stopped taking a full charge. . It stays with just one light flashing even after numerous.times trying to chatge it. I have never used it to charge my car battery. I used it a few.times to.charge my all.

  9. Why can’t you Answer any of these questions. My unit will not charge over 3 Blue lights even after all day

  10. I purchased my Portable power bank from Costco to start my ride on mower and it worked great for around 6 months however the second to last time i charged the unit it would not hold charge and the last time i tried to charge it would not charge at all.

    It would appear that this particular unit has an issue as per the previous reviews.

  11. I bought my unit quite a while back. Used it twice. Did great. Bragged about it to everyone. However when I tried to charge it ( numerous times , even overnight ) it has never gone over 1/4 of circle.

  12. I’ve been thinking about purchasing this unit, but the review is very concerning. Reliability is the number priority when it comes to jumping start.

  13. I’ve used it once to start my car.
    It worked..
    It works good for cellular phones…
    But now when I connect the jump start cables the lights flash and it won’t work for jump start..
    I called support they took my number and never called back 3 months ago. WTF?

  14. I. Received my.winplus for Christmas.iwas useing for charging my phone it greAt but it was fully charged and my battery was dead .igrab winplus to jump my van . knowit does nothing the blue light come on when charging over night .it does not work.any more now itd on the self .

  15. The unit is fully charged.. but I can not get the blue plug to connect.. goes half and it is blocked. When I first got the unit it was half charged I could not get the blue plug to connect. I charged the unit and blue plug connected. I have not use the unit for anything.. Now need to jump my car and the plug will not connect.

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